Good Day

Well here we go first blog.

A while back I did a piece on facebook for Aspergillus Awareness and found the whole process therapeutic and I was amazed at the support I received.  Someone in the group mentioned that I should write a blog so here I am.

All my life I have had lung problems but on the whole I have done okay.  Got a reasonably good education and held down a job for 20 years in a high street bank.  Then the illness took hold.  During that time I married and we have been together for over 30 years.  No children the decision was made that as my mother had the same illness as me the risk was too great even though I was told my illness was not hereditary also I was on quite a bit of medication.

I had two brothers who have sadly died and a sister, five nephews (gosh never counted them before) and two nieces.  Proud of them all.

There a little bit about me I am sure I will add more.

Got up early today couldn’t sleep so went downstairs and caught up on Corrie and had a cuppa.  Corrie is the only soap I watch and hubby is not keen so I always have to watch on catch up.  Did all my medications after brekkie and I had to get going as today is flu jab day and then we had to go on to John Lewis in Wycombe to return a mirror we didn’t like.  I have been struggling this year with my illness and everything takes longer so we left early for the doctor.  I was greeted at the door and ushered in to a room where two nurses were waiting.  Didn’t have time to get my breath.   They asked questions like date of birth and which arm.  All over in seconds so we were on our way to John Lewis.  That all went smoothly so we were back home in just over an hour.

My sister had phoned while we were out (forgot to mention I am the youngest) to check up on me and I told her about the flu jab she had apparently seen on This Morning that if you are a happy person you are less likely to catch the flu I said didn’t think I would take the risk I would rather be covered both ways.  We had our little chat about Corrie and she told me how her boys were doing.  (One is a Solictor in France the other is a Research Doctor in America) told you I was a proud Aunty.  Not much really but a good day.  Breathing not too bad and have managed making a few cards for my cause.







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