Busy Busy

I have been making cards for orders to raise money for The Fungal Infection Trust who fund the research for Aspergillosis.  I have an order from someone who with their son do a fundraiser every year for this.  Julie and David lost their husband/dad to this horrible illness.  The fundraiser is in October so obviously I want to get them done and posted.  The son David also sets me a challenge every year with some special cards for important people in his life, which I thoroughly enjoy doing and hopefully manage not to duplicate.  Recently also I have made a lot of ribbons for people to sell who have suffered a loss due to Aspergillosis and even through their pain they have been trying to bring awareness and raise money to help.  So a big ‘Thank You’ to Julie, David, Ruth and Ellen.

In between making cards I attended a weekly Skype Meeting which is run from the Wythenshawe Hospital for all us mouldy sufferers.  It is always a help talking to others who understand what we are going through because I am sure people around us get fed up with all the coughing and breathlessness.  We can have a laugh and a cough without apologising and feeling awkward.

Today we went out for a little which needed bread and veg for the weekend and hubby wanted some maggots and worms (nice) as he is taking my friends son fishing tomorrow.  Then we went to a garden centre as I wanted a little walk around and some violas for my pots.  Plan is dwarf tulips planted first then violas above  so in spring they will come through and look good.  I hope anyway.   Just seemed tired when I got home so didn’t do much  I find I haven’t got much energy at the moment but must keep going.

Tomorrow whilst hubby is fishing I intend trying to finish my orders for Christmas cards so I will be surrounded with glitter and snow.  I love Christmas.  The garden centre had started putting out its Christmas decorations and things, must admit we did buy some wrapping paper which was on offer.  I presume it was last years but who is to know.

Well there we have it, another week over nearly and I feel pretty good.  It can be a struggle but I feel when I am productive (even a small bit) I can cope.

Keep well everyone. x



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