Fears – continued

After such a downer yesterday I thought I should write something a bit more positive today.

Just got back from my hospital appointment and I am feeling quite a bit better mentally even though I am still struggling to breath.  My specialist who looks after my aspergillosis spent a long time with me going through everything and he is going to try me on another medication which I can inhale.  Many of the oral drugs react with medications I take for all the other problems I have (falling to pieces).  I have to have a trial session with a physio to make sure I can tolerate it so fingers crossed.  It is so frustrating because the Itraconazole was working.

He thinks that I have an chest infection so the old sputum has been sent off and I have to wait and see now.  Coughing up blood was horrible and I know many people with this condition do but it was new to me.  Hopefully it is just an infection which can be treated.  So a big thank you to my doctor who even though his clinic was very busy spent time explaining things and reassuring me that there are other options.

Sorry about yesterday.  Take care. x

One thought on “Fears – continued

  1. Glad your Doctor put your mind at rest Jill. It makes a huge difference when you have a consultant yoy can trust and who spends time with you. Hope the new fungal inhaler works for you and doesn’t interact with any of your other drugs. Best Wishes x

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