Onwards and upwards

I have given myself a good talking to and am going to try and give myself goals and something to look forward to from time to time.

At the weekend my friend who is also my hairdresser, invited myself and Martin around to his new house to see all the work he had had done.  Salvatore has been cutting my hair for over 30 years he came to my house early on the day I got married to do mine and the bridesmaid hair.  Him and his partner Lisa cooked a lovely meal for us and it really lifted my mood.  I must admit I seemed to be getting ready to go out from mid afternoon but thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Waiting to hear about my sputum test and trial for the inhaled anti fungal but I am not dwelling on it and have today booked a night in a hotel near Salisbury so Martin and I can go to the Christmas Market.  I have always wanted to go to one and Salisbury is not too far away we can have a look around get in the Christmas spirit have a pub meal and not have to worry about getting home at night.  We hope to meet up with some friends who I have met through Aspergillosis so it will all depend on how well we all are.  I have made sure I can cancel the room if I am unwell.

Feeling more positive even though the breathlessness is still there I seem to have a bit of a bounce in my step.

Quite mild here today in Berkshire which is quite nice as I have the windows open, music on and am about to start making some more Christmas cards.

Keep well everybody. x

4 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards

  1. A Christmas Market sounds wonderful, Jill. Brian was only playing some Christmas Songs on his iPod the other day. “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” is still going round and round in my head!


    1. Well done Brian! I have always wanted to go to a Christmas market lots of crafty bits and pieces which at a bit different to the norm and then all the special Christmassy food. Can’t wait Sally. x


  2. Hi Jill we are also have a lovely warm day in Chester, the down side to this is the lady birds are back I just walked in the front bed room and as the window was open there are hundreds of the little critters every where, I suppose I had better go and sort them out.xx


    1. I haven’t seen many ladybirds around this year. We seem to have loads of spiders at the moment. Walked out the front door this morning and straight in to one. The ones in the house seem to be massive. Keep well Jean. xx


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