It never stops

Spent most of the day filling in forms for The Department of Work and Pensions about my disability.  They want copies of medical letters and reports details of everything.  If I can raise my arms above my head go up 2 steps.  I must admit I know there are some who misuse the system but they have had letters from my specialist explaining my illness and that there is no cure and my lungs are getting worse.  More stress.

Thought I would have the day catching up on things.  I have rung 3 hospitals this morning to get results of tests.  Still waiting results of tests in August on my heart which I was told they are still with the doctor and he hasn’t got round to reporting on them (hopefully that means noting serious).  Blood tests from my bone man and sputum results from Brompton.  When I phoned these hospitals I just got answer machines.  I support at least I have filled in my form for the DWP.  One out of four done.  I will have to wait and hope they return the calls.

I still have other appointments to make but I am waiting to hear when I can go and have the trial for the inhaled anti fungal as I don’t want anything to clash with that.

Breathing is quite a bit better the steroids have done the deed and made me feel better but I still feel I need an antibiotic as my lungs just feel full.

We have our weekly Skype Meeting tomorrow which I am looking forward to as I missed last week with having to sort out my medication.

I just wonder how great it would be not to be ill, not just because I would be able to do so much more but all the time I would have.  My day has totally been about my illness from waking up taking my medications ringing around and filling in forms.  Writing this blog is light relief.  There is always tomorrow.  Take care. x


2 thoughts on “It never stops

  1. Jill, I’m dreading an assessment from them. I’m bound to get one before long, everyone else has. People see us talking and walking and fine. But inside us is a battle royal no one knows or understands. My sister who has had strokes is not able to work because of damage it has done. For 10months of stress which caused another stroke all for what I wonder. Her tribunal was successful until next time I. Guess


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