Light at the end of the tunnel

Seems like ages since I wrote anything.  The problem has been this silly infection.  My hospital rang to give me the results of my sputum test and it is my old friend Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.  Well I rang my GP with the name of the antibiotic which will kill the stuff and was told a doctor would phone me back between morning and afternoon surgeries.  Well surprise surprise it got to 2.30 pm and nobody had phoned.

I explained to the receptionist that it was a Friday afternoon and I would like to try and get started on the treatment before the weekend as my infection was getting worse and I had started coughing blood again.  I was told not to worry once I the doctor phoned she would print the prescription off straight away.  I phoned again after 5 and it just rang and rang eventually someone answered and put the phone on the desk.  I could hear her talking to someone then the phone got put down!  Rang again no answer so my husband went down there.  Doctor phoned after 6 which is a waste of time as we live in a village and the chemist closes at 6.  Needless to say a bit peeved especially as I was told by the doctor that she needed  a fax from Brompton first.  If someone had told me this when I initially phoned I could have sorted it.  I admit I did lose it a bit so she agreed to write a prescription for a few days to tide me over the weekend.

Nasty stuff this antibiotic can’t take it with one of my asthma treatments so am more breathless than normal and have been falling asleep an awful lot but I think it is working.  The volume of gunk is reducing slowly.  It also upsets my stomach and I don’t usually eat carbs as I am a diabetic but I am having toast for breakfast just so I have something solid in my stomach.

I think a lot of people with lung problems are suffering in the UK at the moment as it is very damp and it is a horrible time for my fellow mouldy friends as things are rotting in the gardens.

Good news though I think I am getting better so I will be out crimble shopping in no time.  Packed up 2 card orders today I am half way through one and another order has just arrived.

Keep well everybody. x

4 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Hi Jill Glad there is some light at the end of the tunnel and you feel you are on the mend. It seems you go to do something farely simple and turns into a nightmare of chasing people around. Did that storm effect you the other day when the sky was full of dust? Had a tickly cough since should have worn a mask when I cycled to work. Good luck with the xmas shopping. Try to avoid it if I can


    1. Thank you. You are right sometimes you feel there is no escape from being ill as you re waiting for results and doctors. I find Christmas shopping hard but just want to feel normal. Have to get out there before it becomes too busy otherwise it will be online shopping. We had the orange sun and it was a bit windy but nothing that bad. I woke up in my chair and the sky was orange and I thought it was a strange side effect from the drugs, hubby put me right. Hope your cough dosen’t turn into anything nasty. Take care.


  2. Crikey. It like our doc I can’t get an appointment with. I am coughing up. Today I coughed up a bit of Blood.ive not coughed blood before so I’ve sent the sample to Wythenshawe to test. Since my gp’s won’t help. It annoys you because they don’t realise that this disease s very serious. Got your message a out cards earlier. Look forward to receiving them.


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