Got an appointment back with the GP yesterday and it wasn’t the same one I spoke to last week.  As I asked for a few more days of antibiotic she listened to my chest and said I sounded quite bad and as the letter hasn’t arrived from Brompton she phone the micro biology department and asked for the details of the bug and sensitivities.  I got another week of Cipro which I hate but if it does the trick I am happy.  I am growing 2 bugs she said but I think it is the pseudomonus and aspergillus as they are my constant companions and they seem to be having a party at the moment.  I have a heavy growth!  She also said I needed to increase my steroids again so I have.  If this doesn’t work it is i.v. antibiotics and I nearly always have to be admitted as I tend to get complications so I want to avoid that.  So I am behaving myself again this week and staying in making cards.  More orders have arrived so I am busy anyway.  Don’t sleep well on the higher prednisolone dose so I can sit in my craft room cutting away.

Storm Brian is building up at the moment and the leaves are blowing all over the place.  We have a large oak tree on our road and I think we will be getting all the leaves in our garden.  A nice job for my husband when the weather improves.

I received more good news on Friday as well, my bone test shows that my breaking risk is good and low.  I have broken so many bones in the past.  I have metal rods in both legs and used to break ribs when I did my physio but no more since I had 18 months on parathyroid hormone treatment.  I also heard that another of my heart tests were okay, I do have an extra beat every so often but that is nothing to worry about.  Just waiting for the echo and I will have them all.  Looking good though.  I also have my appointment for my trial for the inhaled anti fungal.  I now have appointments up at Brompton every month until March next year.  (Note to self better get a new calendar so I don’t forget them).

I feel I am being looked after and after seeing a different GP with a bit of common sense I am more positive.  Life is not bad.

Keep well. x

One thought on “Eureka!

  1. In 2015 2and a half months before my operation. For the. Lungs I had a pseudo monastery bug and took 2and a half months of different antibiotics. When admitted for my op they put me on three days of I’ve antibiotics till I came home. It did the trick.. The ice antibiotics did a quick and better results then the oral ones. All the. Best. Still feeling like crap with this head cold.


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