At long last

First off I must say a big thank you to 2 lovely friends who sent me calendars after reading my last blog.  I have one upstairs in my craft room and the other is in the kitchen.  All the hospital appointments have been put on both so not only I know what I am doing so does my husband.  Now all I need is a gold Rolex watch for time keeping!

I have had a relatively good week health wise and to make the week better some great things have happened.

First off it is my last day on Ciprofloxcin which I have been taking for 2 weeks now so tomorrow I will be able to start my Phyllocontin again for my asthma and reduce my prednisolone.  Hooray.  I will hopefully sleep at little better in a few days time.  When I am on the high doses I usually manage 4 hours and then I am awake or I can’t get to sleep until about 4 am then have trouble getting up.  I have managed to do quite a bit of reading though in the past couple of weeks.  Ian Rankin, James Patterson and now Iain Banks (bit hooked on him at the moment).

As well as feeling better my friend is over from France with his family and came to have a meal with us.  I tell you sometimes doing things like that can be better than all the medication I have to throw down my throat every day.  It was a lovely evening, last time they were over together I was in hospital and didn’t see them so this was a real treat.  Keith and Nathalie if you are reading this love to you and your beautiful daughters.  Then yesterday my sister and her husband came over from Essex for lunch which again was great.  I was explaining to them about the Amphotericin trial I am having next week and it ended up we were reminiscing about our dad.  My sister said if he had still been alive he would have got his spray out that he had for the roses and helped me out.  When I was younger (a lot younger) I was home from boarding school and the day before I was due to go back mum found nits in my hair.  My dad (love him) knew what to to and there I was the night before returning to my school, which happened to be a convent, head over the bath whilst he put liquid paraffin on my head.  That is what they did in the RAF apparently!  Then he turned up with an fly spray aerosol and sprayed my head.  By this time I was screaming my scalp was sore and my eyes were stinging.  I insisted my sister sorted it out as I didn’t want my dad near me.  I remember it so well shouting all he cared about was the nuns not his daughter.  Well my poor sister calmed me down and tried to wash the stuff off my head.  Shampoo would be put on and just slide off my head. I don’t think I spoke to my dad all the way to school the next day.  I have to admit it worked though.  So it has been a good week plenty of laughs.

I am sure that once my breathing is better when I start back on my asthma treatment I will be venturing out and about which will help get the old stamina back.  When you have a nasty bug it can take a while.

Anyway good week.  Take care everybody. x

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