Another Good Day

I have been out today, nothing exciting.  Catching up on things that haven’t been done whilst feeling rough.  Post Office, Bank and getting a bit of shopping but I felt good that I achieved it.  Must admit I fell asleep after lunch again.

I wanted to mention something which I am sure a lot of people will understand which is how all these medications seem to mess my with stomach and digestion usually.  Having been on 2 strong antibiotics as well an my inhaled one over the past month it has dawned on me that my old tummy seemed to behave itself.  I have put this down to the fact that in June (I think it was then) I started taking broad spectrum probiotics.  These were recommended by a fellow sufferer who has been taking them a while and noticed the benefits.  Well I totally agree with him.  I have not had the awful experience of dashing to the loo and cramping.  A bit of gurgling but nothing too bad.  Because I am a diabetic I watch my carb intake but when on Cipro I do sometimes have a piece of toast for brekkie I think over the last 2 week course I only had one day when I felt a bit dodgy so had toast.  I am amazed as when I think about it I was taking 8 5mg prednisolone tablets and antibiotics as well as all my other drugs – 15 tablets in total – in the morning and no upset.  The support group we have on facebook for Aspergillus is quite amazing these little titbits can make life a bit more bearable and it something that the sufferer can do for themselves.

I now have 4 more card orders and one of them is for 50 cards so tomorrow whilst still on a high from them steroids I must knuckle down as it is not long now till Christmas.  Two were posted at the weekend so we have had a good year with all the donations from card sales and ribbons.

As mentioned Christmas is nearly here and I have been looking at my calendar.  Beginning of December I am off to the Salisbury Christmas Market with hubby and am meeting some good friends.  Christmas really starts here.  There will be 6 of us, us ladies will explore the market and spend money whilst our long suffering husbands will sit in a pub with 2 dogs enjoying the local brew.  We will meet them after we are spent up or tired whichever comes first and have a meal with them.  Can’t think of anything better.  Fun, good food and fantastic company.  Us 3 ladies have been a bit duff recently we are all sufferers of this horrible illness and our health can be so unpredictable but it is good to have something to look forward to and I have everything crossed that we all can have a good time.  I have my Christmas jumper at the ready girls!

Keep well everyone. x


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