One step forward two steps back

I was doing so well then Wednesday this week I don’t know what happened but I started producing loads of watery nasty sputum.  Got an appointment with GP and when I asked what she thought she shrugged her shoulders.  Back on antibiotics and increased the prednisolone again.  Wondered if the Amphotericin is doing something, just concerned it is another bug or the old pseudamonus rearing its head.  The muck is coming up easily which is good but tiring and not pleasant.  Second day on 40mg Pred so feel super human even though breathless.  Hubby has gone fishing and he will probably have to peel me off the ceiling when he gets home.

On the positive I am getting used to the inhaled antifungal.  I am not talking to myself when doing my nebs now it is getting almost automatic.  I would lay it all out mix the colomycin and then the amphotericin, 3mls of saline with antibiotic, 10 mls of sterile water with the antifungal then start with ventolin and the nebusal afterwards.  We have a lady in our support group (Kate) who did a video with her granddaughter who was helping her do all the organising.  First couple of days I could have done with her help.  Still getting through my books whilst nebbing, wouldn’t call them literary greats but enjoyable.  Harben Corben is the latest, short easy reads a bit of escapism.

My brother died last year and my nephew found a lot of slides which he has been slowly going through and he found some lovely happy pictures of us all as a family.  He is coming to visit us with his girlfriend and we are going to have a meal in Eton on the river.  I am so lucky with my family and pretty chuffed that my nephews find time to see their old decrepit aunty.

Card making again today nearly finished all my orders so that is good news and have made quite a few pennies for the Fungal Infection Trust this year.

Take care everyone. x

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