Well here we are another Christmas.  We are very organised in this house and it is a good thing to.  My father in law died at the end of November and as there had to be an autopsy we have not had the funeral.  It has been arranged for Thursday this week.  It will be in Norfolk which is over 160 miles away so a hotel has been booked as it is going to be a difficult time and there is no way I can manage travelling there and back in a day with my metal legs and medication.  We will get through it and hopefully when we get home relax and over indulge a little.

It has been a strange old year but on the whole quite good.  My health seems to have deteriorated quite a bit but having Martin at home, now he has retired, things are an awful lot easier.  Met a new Doctor who has taken over my care for the Aspergillus.  Tried Itraconazole and failed after being admitted to the local cardiac wing.  Thankfully he hasn’t given up on me and but me on Fungizone which I inhale.  I think I am doing okay.  I just have had no let up with the pseudamonus 4 courses of Cipro and an x ray showing a ‘significant infection’ it seems I am fighting a losing battle with my doctors.  We have this fantastic support group on facebook run by The Apergillus Centre in Manchester where all fellow sufferers chat and I am astounded how different doctors work.  Many going through the same sort of thing are offered iv antitbiotics this has not been mentioned.  I have had them in the past loads of times but for some reason not this time.  Whilst in hospital last year I was told that the infection was colonised perhaps this is why but I need a bit of respite.  I am used to coughing up nasty thick green sputum that tastes horrendous but it is the quantity.  I can do my physio for an hour in the morning and sometimes stop because I am exhausted not because I am clear.  So I am getting this week over have some quality time with the old man then getting my stroppy hat on and asking for help.

Recently I feel I am aware of every breath/wheeze I take (I think there is a song about that).  I find if I immerse myself in a good book, film or my card making I don’t notice it as much.  Occasionally a couple of squeaks break through.  Night time can be the worse when it is all quiet around and either I have a rattle or wheeze, sometimes a gasp when I first lie down. Things I have always taken for granted like breathing I am so aware of.

Our support group helps with all these foibles and I must say this year the help from everyone has been great.  We have so many talented and clever people in the group who I am chuffed to call my friends.  So to all my Skype buddies and facebook funguys (thanks Chip) I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.  Big Thank you to Graham Atherton who puts us straight on anything medical/scientific and any new treatments adding with a bit of humour.  I will continue my efforts to bring awareness and fundraise which I am proud to say has been the best year ever for card orders and I have a couple for the New Year.

Merry to Christmas to everyone reading this and take care

Jill x

4 thoughts on “2017

  1. Hope you have a great season and hope we all have good health next year. I have had a month and a half on antibiotics.Itraconozole wasnt absorbing so hospital has upped it,got to drink cola for it and have a few biscuits.
    Got my referral for my shoulder operation so hopefully it won’t be long. Should be next month or so. Hopefully next month the blood test will show a difference I hope.


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