The Festive Season 2

Things are coming back to me now.  Strange how certain events can become a blur.

Day two in hospital was one of those days.  Doctors coming in and out, things being put through the cannula.  I don’t even remember going to the loo that day and I must have done – surely.  The doctors did me proud sorted out physio who put me on high humidity oxygen to loosen everything up and did some breathing exercises with me.  I must admit that when Martin walked through the door about midday I was so pleased to see him.  He helped me have a bit of a wash sorted out my locker (which had bothered me so much the night before) and had cut up some fruit and brought it in.   He also made me a sandwich which I found difficulty eating.  When I took he oxygen off to eat my sats plummeted to 82 and set alarms off again.  Physio came and tried to sort it out so I could have oxygen through one of the nasal sets but the room I was in only had one oxygen outlet and no adaptor could be found.  The fruit was fine through not the same effort was needed.   My sister and her husband also came during the afternoon and brought over some presents from my nephews who were both home for Christmas, one lives in Paris the other in New York.  It is a joke I couldn’t unwrap the things.  My nephew from France gave me a very smart set of espresso coffee cups and saucers and the other one who is a scientist gave me a pendant made of glass of pseudomonas aeruginosa!  I now can where the bug outside as well as having the pesky blighter in my lungs.

The next day I felt more human even managed to take part in the Aspergillus Group Skype meeting.  My biggest concern was I didn’t seem to be able to do without the oxygen.  I don’t have oxygen at home and don’t really want it once my mother had it she was reluctant to go anywhere in case it ran out.

New Year’s eve came and the ward (I was in AMU) seemed to be very busy.  A doctor doing his rounds came to see me and told me that the consultant I saw in A & E was coming to see me about doing my own I.V’s at home.  More than happy with that but I asked if he had the results of my sputum test as I didn’t want to go home on the wrong antibiotic and the same thing happen again.  I also mentioned the oxygen.  He told me to take it off and we chatted for a while and it went from 94 down to 90.  He seemed happy just told me it I got breathless to sit and rest until it settled.  The consultant came and saw me and asked if I would be happy going home with a cannula as there was no one available to put a line in then return on Tues to Ambulatory Care to have that done.  That is another story.  I mentioned again about my sputum and was told they had the results and I was on the correct antibiotic – relief.

There we go five days in hospital and I feel better now than I have in months.  I have finished the i.v’s and still coughing but that is the nature of this horrible illness but I am coping.  The doctors and nurses are under extreme pressure, moving patients around, treating some very ill people and the very confused.  There was one lady who they had sitting at the nurses station for most of the day because she would go walk about and get lost.  My only gripe really was toilet paper!  Day 2 the antibiotics did there worse to my tummy.  The paper had run out in my toilet I asked a nurse who said that the housekeeping staff weren’t on duty till 8.  Okay I will use tissues.  Martin was coming in early to help me each day and when I told him he found someone who replenished the container.  It was one of those ones that only allow you to tear a sheet at a time and the little slot got blocked.  I tried to open the container it was locked!   So I was without paper again.  Martin had gone to get himself and coffee and when he got back I showed him he found the girl he saw before and she came and unlocked it for me.  Silly little thing I know but when you have an upset tummy and want to keep your dignity it is quite important.

I have always worried about going into my local hospital as they don’t really know me because all my lung problems are dealt with by Brompton Hospital but I can honestly say that I appreciated that they trusted me to do my own treatment so I could be at home.  They kept in touch until the treatment had finished so I wasn’t alone.  Minor blips but nothing drastic and I have come out the other side.

Today I am doing some card making I have 3 orders so it is a good start to the year.

Stay well everyone there are a nasty bugs out there. x

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