Still very breathless and coughing up loads of nasty gunk but my mood is good.  Went to Brompton and saw my mouldy man (he is a mycologist) who informed me that the Fungizone seems to be working and he has also said he will look after my bronchiectasis as I probably wouldn’t have got it if it hadn’t been for the ABPA.  So I am feeling happier.  I tend to be of the opinion that while the doctors are trying I will keep fighting.

There is a lot going on at the moment we have our first ‘World Aspergillosis Day’ on the 1st Feb and there is also a conference in Portugal titled AAA which if memory serves me well stands for Action Against Aspergillosis.  Hopefully the message is getting out there.  I have sent out over 100 charity ribbons yesterday for people.  The National Aspergillus Centre in Manchester are focusing on Carers on Aspergillosis Day which is very important to a lot of us.  I really don’t know how I would cope with out my husband.  There are days when I can’t open the tops of my Fungizone or Colomycin let alone all the mundane stuff that has to be done.  Since doing my fundraising I have got to know some incredible people who have cared for partners and family who even now after these people have lost they fight against this illness are still actively involved in spreading awareness and fundraising.  Hats off to you all and love and hugs.  We also in the group have people that are on there own and that is when our support groups seem to spring into action we become their family.  Probably can’t give physical support but there is not a shortage of mental support.  I know when I was in hospital reading everyone’s comments encouraging me to keep fighting was a great help.

Off out today for coffee and cake with a friend only the second time I have been out (other than hospitals) since being discharged.  I am looking forward to it.  Then I have card orders to do which is fantastic.  Love being busy.

Keep well everyone. x

4 thoughts on “Happier

  1. Pleased to read you are gradually improving with your health. It is such a slow process it feels. I’m hoping that when I go to Wythenshawe on 31st January to the Respiratory clinic that they can see why I’m not improving at all.

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