Things feel good at the moment.  I have had a few friends over recently and cooked which seemed to go down well so perhaps the old mojo is coming back.  My sister also visited with her husband and bought some Easter goodies.  Easter tea towel for me and decorated paper mache eggs to hang in our kitchen.  Martin received marzipan eggs.  It can be tough when you are a diabetic.  I always received a honeydew melon from my brother because it was egg shape!  Sugar levels are getting better now I am only taking 15mg prednisolone so don’t want to risk it anyway.  The force is strong in this one.

We went out this morning and bought a new everyday dinner service.  The one we had in the cupboard was over 32 years old.  Nothing wrong with it just feel it was time.  It was called Harvest and so you can imagine the pattern on it.  We have gone for a plain design with a grey rim around it.  Got it home and the dinner plates are too big for the cupboard where the old service was so the kitchen has had to be re-organised.  All sorted now.  Tomorrow we start my craft room!

Big job my craft room.  I want to try and organise all my papers into some kind or order.  I just pull out draws and have to rifle through everything when I have an idea.  It is only a box room but suits me as I can hide myself away and listen to music.

The ‘Waiting’ title refers to the hospital for an oxygen test which I have been told is that they ask you to walk for 6 minutes (told Prof that I haven’t been able to walk for 6 minutes continuously since last year) and measure your saturation.  Then you do it again with oxygen to see what difference it makes.  Hopefully it will help and I will be more mobile and not feel so housebound.  I hate not being able to go out without a struggle.  I need to have my trips to garden centres for my plants.  Love my garden full of colour.  So I am hoping I will hear soon.

My garden is starting to spring into life.  There is a plant I have that the bees love even this early.  I can hear the buzz when I open the front door.  It has pink and mauve flowers on it and it is low growing must take a picture and post it online to my friend who knows everything about plants and gardens.  I think when things start to grow and there is sun we all feel good.

Before I finish I just want to mention a couple of things to do with Aspergillosis.  Over the past 12 months my health has deteriorated and I must admit that when my husband got made redundant at age 59 we were concerned how we would cope and he would have to find a new job after 40 years doing the same thing.  Well I don’t know how I would have coped without him. We survive on our private pensions and life is good.  The sad bit is 2 people that I know have lost family members to this illness and 2 more are receiving palliative care all in the past year.  One I regard as a good friend and is an amazing lady who has astonishing strength.  Aspergillosis is a horrible illness so if anybody out there is suffering stay strong and take care of yourself.

We are trying hard to get the Aspergillosis Trust up and running so when that happens donations can be given if you want to help but in the meantime if you want to help spread the word and/or donate through the main site http://www.fungalinfectiontrust.org.uk

Take care and be happy. x


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