So happy!

Still very breathless when walking but seem to be coping better and still waiting to hear from Brompton Hospital about the oxygen test.  Tried phoning today all I got was an answering machine.  What can you do.

It has been a very busy week.  My hubby as been helping me sort out my craft room which was a complete mess.  So busy with orders before Christmas and I wasn’t well I just gave up really.  Anyway the bulk of it is has been done now and it won’t be long before I am able to get back in there and get cracking again.  So many things I need/want to do.  The Aspergillosis Trust is up and running now so letters need to be posted and then I have to get some cards made as I have no stock.  Then there is the garden which seems to be behind but there is nothing I can do about that the weather has been horrendous.  One thing I have noticed we didn’t lose many plants this year which is good so even though it has been a long winter things seem to have survived.

Yesterday was great we had a lovely visit from a smashing lady, her husband and dog.  Every year she collects greetings cards for me so I can recycle them for The Fungal Infection Trust.  There are hundreds so she had been busy.  She is an incredible lady who does a lot so stuff for dog charities and works full time, health permitting.  This lovely lady is the one I mentioned last time about being a horticulturist.  She has named the plant I love in the garden that attracts the bees, Pulmonaria/Lungwort.  (Spooky)  I think she said it was the wild version (polite way of saying a weed) but I love it so it stays and it makes my garden so alive with the constant buzz.  I did a bit of lunch and she probably won’t bring her dog again as he was on a diet and I bought a bag of treats for him and I think he ate half of them.  So sorry Beagle your diet is for your own good.

Today before we had another session in my craft room hubby and I went out for a coffee to a garden centre (never have enough plants).  Well I found and giant allium, a penstemon, lupin (purple and yellow), snapdragons and guess what a pulmonaria.  This one is a vivid blue so they all went in trolley.  The forecast for next week is supposed to be quite good so I will planting hopefully.  (Well pointing to where I want them).  I really hope it starts to get warmer and I can sit in the garden.  Nothing better than a cup of tea and a good book sitting outside with the plants and bees.

Then this afternoon my two nephews phoned as they were visiting their mum in Essex.  They live in America and France now both with brilliant jobs and doing well.  Really chuffed that they phoned to speak to me and I had got them some chocolate for Easter which they thanked me for.

Well there you have it – things are pretty good and I feel I am getting there at long last.

Next week I will hopefully have more information on the Aspergillosis Trust as I know the publicity cards are on the way to me.  I will be sending them out to celebs and anyone who has bought cards from me and asking them to take a selfie to post on any social media site and email me a copy to post on our website.  Exciting stuff.

Take care everyone and be happy. x

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