Fingers crossed

Faith has been restored in Brompton Hospital.  After getting an message from my lovely friend who is in Brompton at the moment containing an email address for the Lung Function technician that does the walking/oxygen test I have an appointment.  My friend is going through hell at the moment because the aspergillus has more or less taken over in her lungs so she is losing weight and fighting hard but she still is helping me.  I sent an email to Andrew (the technician) and he got back to me yesterday.  I asked him if at all possible could I be seen this week so I could visit my friend on the ward.  Well he was more than happy to oblige and I go up to London tomorrow for 9 am and then will do my visiting afterwards.  So the mood is good in my house today.

After breakfast this morning I was leaning on the windowsill in my front bedroom getting my puff and plucking up the courage to start taking all my gunk and doing my physio and I could hear the bees buzzing in the garden enjoying my Lungwort (love that name).  Just need the sun out now and things would be almost perfect.

This morning I am making some cards and printing off letters for The Aspergillosis Trust as the cards have arrived and I have to get moving, the year seems to be going quickly and it would be lovely to have a celeb patron by February 1st 2019.  This afternoon hopefully the sun will be out and I will sit in the garden (getting my vitamin D) and sort another bag of goodies that were delivered last week by Karen.

This is only a short blog as I just wanted to spread the good news that things can go right from time to time and it is not always doom and gloom.

Take care x

2 thoughts on “Fingers crossed

  1. Nice to read a heartwarming blog from you. You are always so positive even when you are struggling so lovely to hear you are enjoying life again.
    I had crap start to the day. Spilled a full cup of coffee in bed!!😡😡😡😡. Poor Brian!! Not even a good washing day, pouring down.
    Heart breaking to read Sandys’ posts. Cannot imagine what she is going through and she still was helping you. Hope you get your oxygen tank sorted. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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