‘And I’m Feeling Good’

It has been a good week.  First off I don’t need oxygen which is a big relief because as I mentioned before I walk with crutches because of my brittle bones and something else to deal with when out didn’t really appeal.  Then whilst at the hospital I visited my friend on the ward who is going through hell at the moment.  The hospital hasn’t given up so that is good but I can see how she is suffering and she is fighting which is a good thing.  An amazingly strong woman.  Friday went out with my hubby.  We have a farm shop near us that does lovely cakes and breakfasts/lunches so we went for breakfast.  Delicious.  Set me up for the day.  I love the occasional cooked breakfast when made for me.  We then had a gander around the local garden centre and I bought some more plants (never have enough).  My tulips are all out and the bluebells are just starting to flower so the plan is once these all die back I will be able to plant the new ones and have constant colour and nectar for the bees all summer long.

Hubby has also been cleaning the patio of all the green sludge that builds up over the winter and painting the fence so we will be posh.  Just need the sun to come back now.

As I have got older I seem to appreciate the little things more and yesterday evening I was really chuffed and proud of my niece.  My brother died nearly 2 years ago and I like to keep in touch with my nieces and nephew and last week I sent a message to his youngest Hazel because she is a young woman who is not frightened to take on challenges and go out on her own.  I thought I would  check in as it was her birthday yesterday and just wondered how she was.  She informed me that she was going to Edinburgh for a few days and intended climbing Ben Nevis on her birthday and she would let me know how she got on.  Well last night I get a message telling me she did it in the rain and hail and was on her way back to Edinburgh feeling very sore and tired.  I thought I would see a post on facebook not a personal message to me.  She has lots of friends but found time to write to her mad Auntie to let her know how she did.  So proud of you Hazel and a big thank you. x

The Aspergillosis Trust is working hard to get awareness out there and find a patron.  One of the group has already made a connection with someone who hopefully be willing to help so watch this space.  I have sent out about 20 letters to celebrities hoping to get a patron but if not a selfie holding our Aspergillosis publicity card which we can post on social media and our website.  If anyone out there knows any celebrities who might be able to help please let me know and I will get a letter off.  We need to spread awareness and raise funds to help with research.  Aspergillosis kills and the treatments are quite toxic and a lot of people cannot tolerate them they also lose there effectiveness over time like antibiotics so new treatments need to be found.  So if anyone has any ideas that can help the Trust please let me know or please get involved.

I am off car hunting for the next few days as my Motability car has come to the end of its lease so I have to order a new one so is you live in the Maidenhead area beware I will be test driving cars!

Finally I have booked my pantomine tickets.  Ho Ho Ho.

Take care x






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