‘Life is a rollercoaster’

Topsy turvy week but on the whole quite a good one.

Woke up last Thursday and my knee hurt.  I have metal rods from my hip to knee in both legs and it felt like when I bent my knee something was grating against the bone.  First thing through my mind was has the rod broken through.  Stupid I know but I sometimes the old brain dosen’t think logically at times.  Took some painkillers as I was having test drives on 2 cars Thursday morning.  They helped but it was still painful when going up steps.  Managed okay and I have ordered a new car.  Red Series 1 automatic BMW.  When I got home I took some Ibuprofen.  I know that I am not supposed to because of my asthma but the only painkillers they let me have are either paracetamol (did nothing) or codeine which makes me sleepy.  They helped my knee so I was a bit puffy for a couple of days while my knee settled.  The choices we have to make sometimes!  Good news though I am fine again so the titanium rod can’t be moving and burrowing through the bone.

Had a good weekend some friends came over on Sunday for lunch the day flew by.  Really enjoying entertaining with good company.

Today though I have woken up with a blood shot eye don’t know what I did to myself during the night.  Dosen’t hurt.  Basically I am a mess.

Things are going great guns with The Aspergillosis Trust.  The website is looking good and we have been getting some responses to our letters.  Mainly ‘No’ but we are very optimistic with one contact (watch this space).  There a couple of selfie photos on the website so everyone reading this please download the publicity card and take a picture then post on social media and the website.  More letters go out daily so hopefully we will get some celebrity selfies as well.

Craft room is all organised and I am spending most of my day in there making cards and compiling and sending letters.  I have one card order but if anyone wants any greetings cards or charity ribbons please let me know.  All funds will be going to The Aspergillosis Trust.

Haven’t been out since last Thursday as the weather has been so duff but hopefully will go out tomorrow and have a trip to a garden centre.  The weather is supposed to improve at the weekend so the idea is get my garden sorted (with hubby’s help) ready for the lovely summer evenings when I can sit out there Pimm’s in one hand and a good book in the other.

Take care x



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