‘The sun has got it’s hat on’

Up early today and took hubby to a new fishing club (new to him anyway) so have the day to myself until 6.30 pm when I pick him up.  Music is already on and all the nebulisers done.  Washing machine on and meal sorted for tonight.  Sometimes I surprise myself.

Had a good weekend.  My sister and husband came over on Saturday and we had some lunch which was great.  On Sunday we did the garden so all my plants are in pots or the ground.  I just hope everything grows and flowers.  I still have tulips in the garden and over the past few days my iris has flowered.  It has been a strange spring.  Monday and yesterday didn’t do too much just pottered around as my eyes drove me mad.  I would liked to have taken them out and given them a good wash.  They were so itchy and gritty.  It is cooler today and at the moment they are not too bad (fingers crossed).

I am struggling with my stomach at the moment.  It always seems to happen when I have been on a high dose of prednisolone and antibiotics.  Dawned on me that my prednisolone dose has been higher than usual for me since the end of September last year.  Thankfully I am on 15mg now which I can cope with.  Everything I eat seems to just feel like a football in my tummy.  I am taking my broad spectrum probiotics but the past few days ginger tea has been my best friend.  I am sure it will pass.  Makes sense I suppose that all these horrible tablets that we put down our throats must play havoc in the stomach.

Plans for the day as I have the place to myself.  Card making, then do some things for the Aspergillosis Trust.  I have sent out 50 letters and I am today going to phone a company to try and get some funding for the awareness campaign.  We like the idea of  being able to get tee shirts/hoodies to mark World Aspergillosis Day – hoodies might be better as it is in February.  Then some lapel pins to give to celebrities who support us. (Still waiting)  Then there is the thought of something on the side/back of buses near the time.  To do these things we need a kitty we can dip into so that is one of my plans today getting the begging bowl out.

To all you lovely people reading this please go to the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org and download the publicity card do a selfie and post it on the site.  You don’t have to be a sufferer we just want to spread awareness so also post the picture on social media and ask friends/family to share.  Also if anyone has any fundraising ideas please let me know. Thank you.

Take care everyone and stay well. x





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