‘What a difference a day makes’

Well after a lovely day just pottering around and card making last Wednesday everything seems to have gone a bit haywire.

On the way to the fishing club to pick Martin up that week I thought my right elbow felt strange in that it felt tight!  Well I had a look at it whilst Martin was loading all his smelly nets and things in the car and it had a swelling on it the size of a ping pong ball.  Can’t remember doing anything to it.  Anyway during the evening it got bigger just felt like fluid so did my usual trick and ignored it.  Bruising started to show the next day and by yesterday my arm from just above my elbow to just above my wrist, front and back is bright purple.  It is tender around the elbow so I think it is a trip to the doctors tomorrow.  I know I bruise easily because of my steroids but this bruising is worse than when I broke my legs.  No short sleeves for a while!

The past couple of days (WARNING!!!!) I have been coughing up aspergillus plugs.  Nasty blighters.  It turns my stomach the way you can cough and these things propel themselves into your mouth.  I am pleased because at least I know the Fungizone is working because for years before taking it I hadn’t been able to cough them up.  I still have to sit for a minute afterwards and pull myself together.

GOOD NEWS – we have a Patron for the Aspergillosis Trust.  Liz Yelling two time Olympian marathon runner.  So we are getting somewhere.  I have had a couple of replies from my letters all ‘no’s’ but some very nice ones.  Stephen Fry’s P.A. sent a lovely reply, even though it was a no I was chuffed.  I am trying now to get some small amount of funding so that we can get some lapel pins or hoodies made up to sell to make some money.  We also want a bit of funding for the 2nd World Aspergillosis Day on 1st February 2019.  We want to try and get some advertising out there.  I intend writing to the drug companies that make the antifungals that we take so fingers crossed.

Ordered my new car as well.  Lovely red automatic BMW series 1.  The sales man (I think) was quite shocked at the questions I asked.  I don’t see what’s wrong with asking if it had a CD player.  I also got a strange look from him when I asked it there was a spare tyre.  His answer was no there is a puncture repair kit.  I then said if I get a puncture do I need a bowl of water to see where the puncture was!  No sense of humour.

Anyway onwards and upwards.  Letters to write cards to make whilst listening to Eric Clapton and Wynton Marsalis playing the blues.

Keep well everyone and upload your support pictures on the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org.  There is a facility on there to download the publicity card.

Take care. x

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