‘All I really want to do’ is relax

Well here we are another week.  I seem to have been so busy.

We have been working hard with our Charity application to the Met office.  My partner in crime (as I call her) has worked her socks off getting the final application done.  Correcting my grammar and making sure that we are within our 500 words.  Our new Patron Dr Emily Grossman has been a great asset helping us and between the three of us I think we may have a chance but of course we don’t know who we are up against.

I have increased my Fungizone and have not been too bad a bit more croaky but I think okay.  My feet have been swollen but hopefully that is down to the heat so will have to watch that because that is what happened with the Itraconazole.  I was hoping that inhaling the anti fungal would mean I wouldn’t get the same side effects.  I am not worrying about it at the moment keep saying to myself ‘Don’t panic Pike’!

It has been fantastic on the fundraising side.  I have no more car stickers and had another 2 card orders so I feel the word will be getting out there not just me shouting my mouth off but on cars and birthday cards as well.  We are trying to organise new stickers as well as a few other items that we can sell.

I had a smashing weekend my nephew and his girlfriend came out to Windsor to meet us and we had lunch in a restaurant on the river.  Thankfully it was a sunny day and people were out in force on the river and we had a lovely view of the castle.  Then on Sunday one of my oldest friends came round for lunch.  We used to share a flat together and I really don’t know how we managed to cope.  We would be down the pub most evenings not really drinking a lot, just up to all hours and be off to work the next day.  That first cup of coffee was so important.  Over 40 years I think we have known each other.  (Hubby just told me he met her in 1976 and I knew her before then) so there you go memory is not too bad.

The rest of this week I am going to relax a bit if I can.  I have  three card orders to finish and I have to make a card for my nephew’s birthday (different nephew).  I have an appointment tomorrow but then I think I am free for a while so I can concentrate on relaxing a bit.  There will always be things to be done for the Aspergillosis Trust but it has been tiring getting the application together.

Take care everyone and stay well x







4 thoughts on “‘All I really want to do’ is relax

  1. Uplifting and inspiring as always. Looking forward to receiving my stickers and cards 😊 not that I ever remember everyone’s birthdays! You’re doing a great job for us all, thankyou Jill and partners. 😎

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  2. Fantastic blog. Pleased to see you having lots of social time with friends.it is therapeutic. In Sept\October I will give you my Christmas and 2019 birthday cards list. So give you plenty of time to do them.I know you get busy with them towards end of the year. The medic alert cards are a fantastic idea. I go next in September.

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  3. Lovely hearing from you Jacqueline. Hope you are well. The Medic Alert cards will be a great help. I am trying to enjoy life at the moment as I seem to be not too bad. Always happy to make cards for you you are a great support to the cause. Keep well.


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