‘Put the lime in the coconut’

On the whole it has been a good week.

Met a friend and had a wander around a garden centre and a cup of coffee.  Not the best place to go if you have Aspergillosis but love all the plants and flowers and where we meet it is a lovely drive out.  She lives in Surrey and me in Berkshire so we meet about half way.  My drive there takes me through Windsor, Runnymede and along the river at Staines.  Smashing sunny day and everything looks so much better in the sun.

I have been card making as well getting my orders done.  Only 2 more to do then I am up straight and will concentrate on the Aspergillosis Trust again.  That is still working well but it has been good having a little break to get the energy levels up again.

Glorious weekend.  Hubby went fishing so I did a few cards then sat in the garden reading.  I feel I haven’t done as much recently and have missed it.  Just finished The House of Silk – Sherlock Holmes.  I thoroughly enjoyed it to my surprise.  I tend to go for the more gory sort of whodunnit thrillers so it was a nice change.  Sunday we pottered in the garden and I did some more cards and sat out before dinner and had a chilled glass of the Chenin Blanc.  Slurp!

We have to go up to Norfolk to pick up some personal effects belonging to my father in law as they are trying to sort out his estate.  We were looking at places to stay.  All the holiday rentals are ridiculous prices now as the Broads turns into the M25 when the weather is good and most of the hotels don’t have a fridge in their rooms unless you stay in the big ones in Norwich.  I have therefore invested in a mini fridge.  Looked at fridges for medicines and they were stupid prices so have got one that is really a beer fridge to store a couple of cans.  I expect there are a lot of people have this problem when sorting trips away but it is new to me.  Found a place on the river in Wroxham with a balcony so we will be able to watch the boats and ducks for a couple of evenings.  Bring on July now as we will have our little trip and I will get my new car.

The past couple of days I have had a funny tummy.  I do think that sometimes my stomach just says enough is enough.  It happens every couple of months.  I chuck all these tablets down my throat and I am sure it feels it can’t cope from time to time.  I do try and take the ones with food that need to be taken then and there are the ones that have to be taken on an empty stomach.  Oh what fun.  I am sure it will sort itself out.  I just tend to eat more stodge when it happens as most of the time I try not to eat carbs as it makes my diabetes go haywire.

Day in tomorrow and try and finish another order.

Take care everyone and stay well.  x




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