‘What is Life’

I am a bit late this week.  I am up in my craft room now whilst hubby watches the football on the telly after a days fishing – pretty good day.

Over the weekend I managed to get all my orders up to date so I am now just trying to build the stock up for Christmas.  I have made a special Anniversary card for a neighbour as they will be celebrating their Diamond wedding in September.  I am very pleased with the card but now at a loss at how to get it to him so his wife dosen’t see.  I say neighbour but he is in the next road.  My husband has walked by his house a few times to see if he is in the garden or down the village to say it is finished but his car is either out or he is no where to be seen.  I suppose I have plenty of time.  It is 8″ x 8″ so not something that can easily be slipped to him when his wife is around.

It has been very humid the past few days so have struggled a bit I have noticed I am more breathless.  Not concerned as I am sure it is the weather.  It seems a tough time for a lot of us at the moment.  A few of my fellow aspergillosis friends are rough.  One has been in hospital with pneumonia and fell ill so quickly.  This illness can knock you back so suddenly.  Hence my mission to spread the word.

Things are moving on well with the Aspergillosis Trust.  I haven’t counted but a team of us have been writing to celebrities, football clubs, and organisations trying to get selfie photos so we can add them to our website.  I reckon we are well over 100 now.  Any one reading this can download a selfie card at http://www.aspergillosistrust.org.uk and post a picture on the site.  We need your support to help spread awareness.  We have also this week got a bit of funding so we can buy a few items with our logo on.  These will be available on the website for a small donation.  All very exciting stuff.

On a personal note I am feeling good at the moment.  Went for a blood test today for my diabetes as since last September I have been on a higher dose of my prednisolone and have found it very hard to keep it under control.  I have been on 2 extra tablets to treat this, which I hate doing.  I have now been on my maintenance dose of 15mg for about 6 weeks so hopefully my sugar will be okay and I can reduce the Gliclazide.  Fingers crossed.  One thing sets another thing off.  I must admit I do like be able to breathe!

We have had discussions on our group about DNR which I am not sure about.  I don’t want to be a vegetable but I do love life and if there is any chance I would want them to try.  Always nervous with these things.  When I was in hospital just after Christmas and had an intensive care nurse looking after me in a side room I was asked if I got too bad would I be happy to go on a ventilator.  I was taken aback as I didn’t think  I was anywhere near that ill.  My answer was it won’t come to that I have been worse than this before.  Thankfully I was right. I don’t think I want people thumping my rib cage but would like to feel they would do their upmost to get me better.  I suppose it is something we duff lung people need to think about but things are good at the moment so we shall see.

On a happier note it is supposed to be a cooler day tomorrow so it could be bee watching in the garden!


Take care. x



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