‘Always look on the bright side of life’

That has not been easy this week.  Visited a very good friend and an amazing lady yesterday who is very ill in hospital.  Hubby came with me and disappeared so we could have a good chat for over an hour.  I am incredibly lucky with the support I get from my hubby.  It was great seeing my friend even in the horrible circumstances.

This week has flown by not sure why I have not been that busy.

Met a friend for lunch on Tuesday, some one I worked with over 30 years ago and we meet every couple of months for a chat.  I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it as it was so hot but the pub we met in was air conditioned so I thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Spent Wednesday card making as I have another order and I have to get into Christmas – not easy when it is hot thinking about snow, you would think it would make me feel cooler!  I have been out this morning to get a few bits of food for the weekend think I went a bit mad on the cheese counter but it is difficult to know what to eat in this weather I can always manage a cheese salad.

Things are really going well on the Aspergillosis Trust side of things.  We have ordered keyrings, wristbands and note pads.  We now have cotton shoppers, tee-shirts and car stickers in the pipeline as well.  Christmas presents sorted everyone.  When we have everything we will have to photograph and put on the website so watch this space.  There have been some hits on my blog from the website which is good the more people visit hopefully they will read about this horrendous illness.

I forgot to mention we have booked a holiday for next year!  I know it is early but I love having something to look forward to and having mobility problems can sometimes make finding a holiday cottage difficult.  I need a walk in shower, no narrow staircases or spiral (seems to be a selling point for some cottages) and parking on site with easy access.  All things have to be there before we pick the location.  Anyway we have found what looks like a lovely place on the Broads in Norfolk.  We are going up there in July and staying in a hotel, to pick some photos my late father in law had in boxes.  I hope he has written on the back of them I know my dad didn’t!  Martin will have a wander round to find it and have a little look.

Wimbledon next week so I will be watching whilst card making, hopefully it will be a bit cooler.

Everyone suffering from any chronic illness needs this theme tune – especially my fungal friends – Tubthumping by Chumbawamba!


Take care. x




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