Take your pick – Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton or, my fav, Billy Connelly.

One minute I am on a high the next right back down to earth with a bang.   As you are all aware we have been organising ‘merch’ (I am getting all the terms now) for the Aspergillosis Trust and the first delivery arrived yesterday.  Three massive boxes, first thing that went through my head was how much have I ordered, have I made a mistake, which is not difficult with brain fog.  I don’t know why I thought 500 shopping jotters would turn up in a small box.  Hubby opened the door and took delivery straight out of his mouth was ‘is this all of it’ and had to reply no just the shopping jotters still more to come.  Then ‘where are we going to keep all this stuff’.  I have told him that half is off to my friend so it won’t be quite so bad and I am sure they will fly out the door once everything is sorted and selling begins.  I am wicked as I laid it on thick that he is doing a good thing and I have always been the same.  I organised 4 sponsored cycle rides and we had large water containers, cycle racks, puncture repair kits and a concert when I was fitter.  We used to alternate between Cancer Research and Asthma Research now it is just the Aspergillosis Trust.  So there was my high even though I had to placate my hubby.  The low is we didn’t get the Charity Partnership with the Met Office that we went for.  Very sad as it would have been ideal as fungal spores are in the air all the time and been very useful to us but we are not global enough for them.

It has been so hot here recently in the Thames Valley and I must admit I am starting to struggle.  We went out this morning for a walk but I think it was a bit of a stop start walk so not of much benefit.  Just felt I was going stir crazy at home.  Came back with a couple of plants and a jigsaw puzzle for a birthday pressie for someone.

Just received an email to say I should be receiving another delivery tomorrow of the wristbands so – the papers might get drawn up soon.  He is really okay and the one good thing, which I know he will enjoy, is meeting for a pub lunch with our friends to hand over half of the stock.  The support I get off him is amazing he gets a bit grumpy from time to time as I can be a bit manic with the drugs.  So when he is grumpy I ask if he has taken some of my medication as steroids can cause mood swings and it brings a smile to his face.  I am lucky they make me hyper which I think is a good thing he is not so sure.

I have posted a link below of a fellow sufferer who does a Vlog on YouTube.  He also has Sarcoidosis which is another horrible condition.  If you have time watch it I think he is better at explaining these illness better than me.

Three card orders to do so I will be busy this weekend.  On the whole life is good at the moment.

Take care. x



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