Dashing through the Snow

Yes everyone that is me at the moment.  Making Christmas cards whilst the sun is burning everything in the garden!  It hasn’t help keep me cool you would have thought thinking of snowy scenes would make you shiver but no.  I am very pleased with myself, I have managed to make over 100 cards whilst watching some tennis, so it has been a productive week.

There was one day in the week, when I don’t know if it was not sleeping properly because of the heat but I couldn’t concentrate on anything.  I had all these things going around in my head knowing I had things to do but couldn’t seem to get my head in gear.  My get up and go got up and went!  I am on track now thank goodness it was a weird day.  Tried to have a snooze in the afternoon but that didn’t work.  I hope all you people out there with lung conditions are coping okay it has not been nice.  Shouldn’t really moan but I hate feeling I can’t do things but I did have to give in.

Meeting up with my partner in crime from the Aspergillosis Trust tomorrow we are having a lunch in a pub midway between us with our husbands.  We are exchanging ‘merch’ as we are sharing the distribution.  We have a company helping us with designing posters that will be taken along to the European Respiratory Society Congress so we can get the AT widely recognised.  Also they will hopefully be useful in GP’s surgeries as early diagnosis is very important with Aspergillosis.  Once we get all the merchandise we will be putting it on the website so it will be available to everyone.  I am wearing my wristband with pride even hubby is wearing one!

I am sorry everyone I haven’t much more to add as I have been making cards this week but hopefully I will have more to report next week.  I must admit it is exciting times.

Take care x

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