‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go’

What a good week.  Firstly over 200 cards done and delivered!  Most important though I am still feeling good.  The weather has made things a bit difficult but I seemed to have managed not too bad.  My craft room gets hot when the sun comes round so about 3 in the afternoon I go downstairs have a cuppa and be sociable with the hubby until after we have had our evening meal.  Then it is the dreaded nebuliser with all the gunk I have to take.  When I have finished that I go back to my craft room and make up all the cards that I have prepared and the glue has dried.  Usually back downstairs to watch a film after 8 in the evening.  We are both film buffs.  Sometimes we watch a lot of rubbish but you don’t know till you try.

Met up with my partner in crime and her hubby on Saturday in a very nice pub near Downton Abbey (Highclere) to exchange the ‘merch’ for the Aspergillosis Trust.

AT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbonWhite AT-T-shirt

Had a lovely lunch and I got a lesson on using Excel!  (Never to old to learn something new).  Then today I met up with another amazing lady who with her family and friends have raised loads of money for FIT it is quite amazing.  She took a stock of cards and ‘merch’ to sell at her meetings and coffee mornings.  I have been enjoying the good life a bit with meeting up for lunch and great conversation.  We have also completed our first poster which we hope to display in GP surgeries, hospitals and the like.  So it has been a very good week.  We hope to get another poster organised as well explaining what it is like to have Aspergillosis.

Hopefully get my new car next week so I will have a bright shiny new red car to drive around in – keep off the roads in the Thames Valley everyone for a few weeks until I get used to it.  It is a BMW and luckily all the wipers/lights controls are more or less in the same place as the Ford I have at the moment so perhaps it won’t be too bad.  It also being an automatic I will only have the 2 pedals to worry about!

Have to have blood tests next week to check kidneys and my diabetes which I know will be a bit high but only just coming down on the old prednisolone and I am not allowed to reduce any more until I see my Dr in September.  We shall see.

Well take care everyone and if you want to order any ‘merch’ you can through the Aspergillosis Trust website

Keep well x


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