‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’

Scorchio!  Phew! I am hoping it is going to cool down today.  Don’t know about any one else but this weather has really taken its toll on me.  My breathing has been horrendous and I have been a blob in a chair quite a lot.  They keep promising thunder storms but as of yet we have had nothing in the Thames Valley.  I have also noticed that I have felt more congested not sure if it is just because I have not been moving around as much or the humidity.  Don’t feel ill so hopefully it is a blip.

Lots of things been going on with the Aspergillosis Trust.  We have received some orders and also the poster has been printed and nearly 50 have already been sent out.  Quite amazing really once they get displayed hopefully more people will know about us and our aims. ATposter

Very pleased with it.  The car stickers have also arrived so we are just waiting for the cotton shoppers then we will have all the ‘merch’ and try and get the items out there.  There has been a little problem with the shoppers.  They were delivered and the printing has not been centred very well also our fungal balls weren’t black they were a dark purple.  Now I love spending other peoples money but I try and take pride in my card making and I suppose I just think I expect the same when purchasing items.  So power knickers were put on and I had a little whinge!  They have been collected and hopefully they will do a reprint.

I also collected my new car on Wednesday.  So I have a bright shiny new red BMW sitting outside my house.  Lovely and comfy and it has voice control for some of its functions.  I am dreading having a coughing fit as I am not sure what will happen!   Very nice Motabiity salesman went through everything with me and went out with me for a little drive and put £50 worth of petrol in it.  Lovely but a bit scary because that didn’t even fill it.  I was there for 2 hours and must admit well impressed but the heat has definitely addled the brain as when I got home forgot how to lock the thing.

My poor old garden looks awful some things have gone mad and others are dying in this weather so I think there won’t be much left in it for August but what can we do.  Perhaps another shopping trip, need it looking nice for September when my nephew and his daughter are visiting from America.

Well I am going to see how long I can cope in my craft room today before it turns into an oven and make some cards.

Please support the Aspergillosis Trust by ordering some of the ‘merch’ at http://www.apergillosistrust.org.ukAT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbonWhite AT-T-shirt

Stay cool everyone and take care. x

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