‘Messing about on the river’

Another week gone and this has been a busy one.

Couldn’t decide what song to include this week it was a toss up between ‘Messing about on the river’ and ‘Dem Bones, Dem Bones’.  Hopefully it will all make sense!

After picking my car up last week I didn’t really use it as the weather was so hot I couldn’t face going out and walking around.  Went out Monday and got a few bits of shopping not much as we were going away.  Tuesday we packed up and went to Norfolk.  Only for a couple of nights but I don’t know about everyone else, organising all my medication and equipment does my head in.  Poor hubby, nebuliser and mouth pieces, fridge for the Fungizone, needles and syringes and then the 20 other drugs I take all had to go in the car.  Left behind the sharps bin, just put the used bits in a plastic bag till we got home.  I also like taking my V pillow in case the hotel is mean with their pillows.  Anyway all sorted and we were off.  Great trip no hold ups and we had 2 stops, one for a bit of lunch (cheese and marmite roll) the another for a comfort break.  I had booked a hotel in Wroxham which had a balcony overlooking the river and I am so pleased I did because it was so hot in the room when we arrived I wasn’t sure I would be able to cope, but once the doors were open there was a breeze from the water.  Unpacked and Martin went for a walk.  They have a large fishing tackle shop because as you can imagine it being the Norfolk Broads people fish.  I sat on the balcony getting my Vit D and reading.  The reading didn’t last long as I was fascinated with all the boats going up and down.  Saw someone slip off their boat and fall in the river and then he was heaved out by his shorts (ouch).  Someone else got told off for speeding and then we had the amateur fishermen.  Some chap showing his son how to fish then he got all in the flustered when they actually caught one.  Pleased Martin didn’t see it as he would have gone mad.  I have never like the idea of his fishing but he is caring and makes sure the fish are returned quickly and gently.  Worries me the hook bit though but he loves nature seeing the different waterfowl, fish and last time we were up here we had otters on the grass. It relaxes him which is important when he has a wife like me!

The reason we were up there was we were picking up some personal items belonging to my father in law from Martin’s step mum.  We went round to the house early so we could have a chat and then we went and had a pub lunch.  Another lovely place on the river.  Went back to the house to collect the items but didn’t realise there was so much.  8 massive boxes.  We couldn’t bring it all home so we will have to have another trip sometime.  Loads of photos and Martin’s dad was a pathologist and there were slides and papers he had written, it is going to keep hubby busy for a while!  In the evening his cousin came over to the hotel and we sat in the bar by the river it was great.  I really get on with Sally and Stuart and we had a good laugh.  Even though it was a bit difficult for Martin I think we ended on a high.  I was happy – we had fish and chips out of paper the first night and a Mr Whippy by the river early evening the next day.  The only downer was the trip home.  Brilliant trip until we got on the M25!

Friday saw my bone man!  I have to have an annual check up for my bones as they are a bit duff.  Before I started seeing him I used to break ribs just from coughing which meant quite often I would end up in hospital as I couldn’t clear my lungs of all the gunk.  He got special funding 8 years ago for Parathyroid Hormone for me because at that time it was not used for steroid induced osteoporosis.  It was a daily injection for 18 months and since then I have not had a break (touch wood).  I now have a blood test called P1NP which measures bone turnover and collagen and mine have been fine since stopping the treatment and I now just take Vit D for my bones.  Happy Happy!

I am also pleased to report that we now have all the ‘merch’ for the Aspergillosis Trust.  There are key rings, notepads, post it notes, wristbands, t-shirts, cotton shoppers, charity ribbons and greeting cards.  All these items can be acquired through the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/fundraising/ please have a look and it would be great to get your support.  All funds raised go to the Fungal Infection Trust and helps us at the Aspergillosis Trust spread awareness.

Now I am going to make some Christmas cards.  Keep well everyone. x


AT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbon

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