Strange week this week.  Started the week being on a high even though the weather was horrendous.  Breathing was not so good Monday and Tuesday as it was so hot and humid.  We were promised thunderstorms but nothing happened.  We did get some spits and spots but not enough to make a difference.  Managed to do a few cards and went food shopping though but not much else.  The hot weather meant my washing basket was empty though as everything got dry so quick.   Problem is though it then has to be ironed!

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary so we decided to go out for lunch.  I am usually tired in the evenings and just want to be a couch potato in front of the telly or reading a book.  We had a lovely lunch at a restaurant which doses Italian and Spanish food.  On the way home we stopped at a busy roundabout and when it was clear I put my foot on the accelerator and my car turned into a bucking bronco!  The person behind me was tooting his horn and I think I gave him a heart attack as he had to brake so hard.  The blooming thing wasn’t going  anywhere.  So I had only managed to go a few yards and so I took my foot off the accelerator – even though hubby was shouting we can’t stop here – and then tried again.  This time we moved forward slowly but we had alarms and messages come up on the dashboard.  Once I managed to get off the roundabout I stopped.  Read the message properly which said ‘Drivetrain failure’  You are able to continue your journey but return you car to your service dealer.  Well the thing is only 2 weeks old so I started driving slowly told Martin to phone BMW and tell them I am bringing it back.  When Motability cars break down you are supposed to phone the RAC and they will take you to the nearest dealership then take you to a hire car firm to get another car.  I was cheeky going straight to BMW but I was quite annoyed to say the least.  Anyway I saw the Motability assistance and he took it round to the service centre who plugged it in and apparently a sensor had gone.  These new cars all stop at lights and junctions then start again when you take your foot off the brake.  Mine didn’t respond properly hence the bucking bronco.  I must be getting old but surely with all this technical stuff in cars now there is more to go wrong.  The only car they had available was a big 4 x 4.  Too high for me to get into without Martin to help.  Anyway it is all sorted now thank goodness and I have my own car back now.

Today I have been feeling strange.  It was hard work doing all my medication this morning.  I seem to have days like that.  We went out first thing to do a few chores but I came back and lay on the bed for an hour.  I am only now feeling like normal and it is nearly 3 in the afternoon.  IMG_20170718_100336_hdr

Martin is off to see Norwich play West Brom tomorrow with my brother in law in Norwich so I will have a day catching up on things.  I want to get some more cards made so I have a good stock in reserve.

We now have all the merchandise available and listed on the website https://aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/  so please  have look and it would be great if you could help in some way.  Just want to add something else.  The Aspergillosis Trust is trying to spread awareness worldwide not just in the UK.  We may be based in the UK but we have had help from numerous people in other countries.  Aspergillosis is horrendous in what ever country your live in and patients and carers alike quite often struggle.

Keep well everyone and take care. x




2 thoughts on “‘Rawhide’

  1. A huge relief for you that your car is fixed. I think there’s something in the air, a difficult week for me too. I shall be ordering Christmas cards soon…thankyou for everything you do. Your cards are very special. Xx


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