‘Sugar, Sugar’ and ‘Dizzy’

I think I am going mad.  It never seems to stop, one thing seems to be sorted then something else goes wrong.

Went for my diabetic check as when I went 3 months ago it wasn’t so good but to be honest that was understandable as I had been on high doses of prednisolone which always upsets everything for me.  Tummy and sugar levels.  Well as asked I did a diary noting when I took my steroids, what I ate and also when I took my diabetic medication.  Not sure about anyone else but my sugar goes up during the day even though I think I am eating quite sensibly.  I have to stay on a maintenance does of 15mgs of pred at the moment as I have severe asthma and my inflammation levels are always high because of colonised pseudamonas and the aspergillosis.  The plan is hopefully the Amphortericin will help reduce the inflammation and then I can reduce the steroids.  They can’t do much for the infection it seem resistant to most antibiotics now and I just have 2 in reserve if it gets nasty.  Well the diary showed that my sugars always peaked at about 8 in the evening even taking all my diabetic medication with breakfast and dinner.  Not dangerously high I think the highest was 13.  Anyway now I am cutting out carbs totally even though it is not helping in the morning when taking my prednisolone.  Best breakfast is scrambled eggs they don’t put my sugar up and they line the old tummy.  Think I am getting there but I have had a hypo this week as it dipped to 2 over night so now the doctor has recommended a hot milky drink before bed if my sugars are about 5 before sleeping.  I tell you my fingers are getting sore!  Hence the song Sugar Sugar by the Archies.

Now Dizzy – Vic Reeves and The Wonderstuff.  I know it wasn’t the original but love it. Yesterday I felt strange all day.  Managed to do quite a bit in the morning then afternoon just seemed to slump.  I had a headache and was so tired.  Had an afternoon snooze, that didn’t clear my head any and then thought I would have a soak in the bath.  Sometimes if I get stressed a lovely lemon/verbena bubble bath helps me relax.  Not happening!  Went downstairs and I hadn’t taken my morning tablets.  So I had not taken my prenisolone or glucophage glicazide.  This was 4 pm.  Brain dead or what.  Checked sugars and they were fine only 6 and I had had plain yoghurt and berries for breakfast and a piece of quiche and salad for lunch.  Just goes to show the prednisolone is to blame for my problems.  Well I took them and after we had dinner which was spicy kebabs and salad – Martin had potato wedges with his – I waited for 2 hours and checked my sugar 13.8.  I hadn’t taken my evening diabetic tablets as I thought it would be too close so I took just the glucophage and when I went to bed it was 12 – I had a bad night needless to say!  If I had a brain I would be dangerous!

Other than all of that everything has been good had a couple of trips out and mooched around a couple of garden centres.  Bought my poodle calendar for 2019.  If I leave it too late they disappear they are not as common now.  Loads of pugs, westies and cockapoos.

Jobs today are packing up some parcels.  Family/friends birthday pressies and then some Aspergillosis Trust posters and 2 fundraising orders.  I have already sent out Christmas cards which is good.  I do have a reserve now thank goodness so I will keep stocked up.Aspergillosis Trust poster No1Aspergillosis Trust poster No2_JPEG_2

Posters are available free so you can either download the file or supply an address and we can send them out.  AT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbonWhite AT-T-shirt22814017_10212617587788567_3928351594030737951_nAT cotton shopper and post it notes

We are quite pleased with the feedback so far on all the items.  If you want to order please go to http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/   The ordering process is quite complicated but please let me know if I can help.

Take care everyone and thanks for listening to the rant of a mad woman!  x


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