‘I can’t stand the rain’

Before you all shout at me I know we need the rain but these past couple of days have played havoc with my metal legs.  I have been cold and just feel they need some WD40 (other lubricants are available) on them.

Song this week is my favourite and is sung by someone who had an amazing voice.  Lowell George – I am listening to him now whilst writing this.  I think there are other versions but Lowell is the best.  I first bought the album ‘Thanks I will eat it here’ on vinyl but I now have it on CD as well as downloaded says it all really.  Some of you oldies might know him.lowell

Anyway, it has been a fairly reasonable week all in all.  Don’t seem to have done much.  I have made cards sent out Aspergillosis Trust posters and merchandise and joined in the weekly Zoom meeting we have, run by the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester.  Started off with just me but slowly people joined.  When my partner in crime from the Aspergillosis Trust joined the meeting I was so pleased as I had been sitting for 5 minutes on my own.  It ended up being a brilliant chat with 5/6 of us in the end.  Can’t remember exactly but very friendly and helpful.  You know that saying ‘it is good to talk’ well it is true.  We can have a moan about things and a giggle with people that understand what you are going through.

I was also challenged this week by a very old friend to post a daily picture of one of my favourite books for 7 days.  Well, so difficult, I could do it for a month.  I tend to read so much now as I am plugged into my nebuliser for so long now I take 4 different things in it.  Well I have been enjoying doing it though.  Perhaps I should challenge people to do favourite albums!  Be warned.

Friday, had a trip out – Yay – met a friend for lunch.  She is over from Spain visiting and love that she always gets in touch and we try and meet.  Last time I saw her I think I had just come out of hospital at the beginning of the year and I will be honest with you I don’t really remember it.  I was in a real druggy state.  We had a good lunch though and catch up.

Then this weekend the cold weather and I seem to be a bit wheezy and as I said the legs are giving me gyp.  It is supposed to be better tomorrow so I am going to venture out and walk around a garden centre sometimes you feel housebound and go a bit stir crazy.

I must apologise if anyone has tried to use the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org to purchase anything as we are having problems.  We hope to get it sorted next week and hopefully make the process of ordering things easier.

One of my mouldy friends (hope he dosen’t mind me calling him a friend) is also writing a blog which is brilliant https://clifframblingman.wordpress.com/ have a look.  He is also a contributor to the Aspergillosis Trust so another partner in crime.

I have to mention that quite a few Aspergillosis sufferers seem to be struggling at the moment with one thing after another so if you are reading this from a hospital bed or whilst feeling duff at home, stay strong and hope things improve for you soon.


Take care everyone. x

4 thoughts on “‘I can’t stand the rain’

  1. Thank you for that Jill – you are a great encourager 😊 Been feeling “duff” all week with breathlessness and feeling tight and wheezy. I put it down to the change of weather when I’m being logical and then panic that I am getting worse when I’m not being logical 🤓


  2. Thank you jill,
    Thaught it was just me feeling ache and under the weather, in a funny way it good to know I’m not the only one and it’s most likely down to the weather conditions.
    Love to all


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