‘Born in the USA’

Yes it has finally arrived.  My nephew has been planning a trip to the UK for over a year now and he arrives on Tuesday.  He is coming over from USA with his daughter and staying in Maidenhead for a few days then off to Scotland for a while then back down to England before travelling back.  He is the eldest son of my big brother.  My lovely brother died a few years back now of bowel cancer,  I was always ‘little sis’ to him.  Before leaving for America he lived in Scotland and played professional football.  I must admit those early years are a bit of a fog for me as I was not in the best of health and went to boarding school.  I remember some of the holidays in Blackpool when we used to go up there and he would come down.  Anyway I am really looking forward to it, my nephew must have only been about 5 or six last time I saw him.

We have the hereditary gene for bowel cancer in the family, my sister has had it and we lost a couple of Uncles due to it as well.  With my mum and me always suffering with Aspergillosis and my sister developing ABPA after her chemo we are a right mess.

This week I have been galavanting about a bit.  The weather has been good.  Not hot, no gusty wind and no rain.  My kind of weather.  Easier to walk with crutches and duff lungs.  Hubby and I have had a couple of trips looking for things for the garden bought some bulbs.  Didn’t get the thing I wanted but there are so many more garden centres to visit so not worried.  We also had a pub lunch.  This pub is nothing special but the food is great.  I also like the fact that the some of the meals have no carbs so you don’t have to waste anything.  As I have mentioned before for some reason my diabetes has gone a bit haywire and I have found that the only way now to keep it down is not eat carbs and fruit.  I cheat with the fruit from time to time as it definitely aids my digestion.

Something I found this week, everyone that is on nebulisers who suffer from sore/dry mouth.  I bought a moisturising mouthwash.  I have always used a mouthwash because of the powder inhalers and nebs but recently been really suffering with the dry mouth.  I suppose taking 4 things in the neb, 3 of which are mixed with saline and then 2 inhalers that have powder it makes sense.  Anyway this mouthwash dosen’t sting and really helps with the dryness.  Not cheap but worth every penny.

Well if any one wants anything from the Aspergillosis Trust please contact me.  Even though I will be wearing my peaked cap and chauffeuring my nephew and his daughter around I won’t be doing the sightseeing bit with them to London and Windsor.  Meals out and trips down the pub will be it for me.  We need your support everyone.

AT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbonAT cotton shopper and post it notes22814017_10212617587788567_3928351594030737951_n

Remember Christmas is coming – Ho Ho Ho!

Take care x


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