‘Back in the Village’

This week I have had visitors.  My nephew and his youngest daughter are over from the USA.  I haven’t seen him since he was about 6 as my brother moved from Berkshire to Scotland then to Canada. After the excitement of losing the car at Gatwick we managed to get them settled safely in a hotel in Maidenhead.  He has been doing loads of sightseeing and I must admit I feel exhausted when listening to all the places they have visited.  Dropped them off in Windsor one day and they were gone hours.  I suppose I take it for granted as it is literally just down the road and forget what a glorious place it is, but I really thought I would hear from them after a couple of hours must have been at least 7!  The next day they went to London and again what they managed to cram in a day is amazing.  They have taken some smashing photos as well.  They are in Scotland now staying in the place he used to live.  Much slower pace and the fresh air will do them the power of good.  Back to us on Thursday and staying in Windsor and we will meet them at the airport and have a meal before they fly off to America again the next day.  I am so fortunate that all my family keep in touch with me and (I know I am bias) are all great company.  I went out 3 nights in a row to our local and enjoyed every moment.  Not one bit of alcohol passed my lips as I was the driver but I got a high anyway.

I am now making cards for my orders.  I have 4!  Two nearly finished so hopefully get them done before my nephew returns.  Orders have been coming in for the Aspergillosis Trust and we have a lovely lady doing the website which is looking fantastic and the ordering process is much easier now.    Have a look and help support us http://www.aspergillositrust.org.uk

We have had a problem with our boiler – the gas man has been back twice if it goes again I am asking for his credentials as I think he is a bicycle repair man might drive a van with British Gas on the side but there was a scratching the head moment when we told him what happened.  Fingers crossed it won’t play up again.

Remember everyone Christmas is coming and that all the Aspergillosis Trust merchandise will make smashing presents and spread awareness at the same time.  The cotton shoppers surely are a must as we all need to reduce plastic!

Take care. x


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