‘Life of Riley’

A bit late actually this week.  I have been so busy.

Nephew came back from his trip to Scotland so it was another trip to Gatwick and we had a meal with him in Windsor that night as he was travelling back to the USA the next day.  It was great seeing him and his lovely daughter.  I am so amazed at how much they managed to pack in.

Now I am back to normal and making cards.  The thing I love doing.  I have 4 large orders with special ones.  Thoroughly enjoy making personal ones as I have to use my brain a little.  Not always easy with brain fog but feeling good at the moment so the production line is going well.  22814017_10212617587788567_3928351594030737951_n

Don’t know about anyone else but I suffer from dry eyes and have those artificial tear drops.  I have been using them any awful lot lately probably because of all the close work I have been doing and concentrating.  They do help.  Just need something to keep me awake now.

I have my Brompton check up on Monday in London and hopefully it will be a quick appointment as I feel well.  It is one of the last ones of the morning so I expect the clinic will be running late so will have to try and stay calm and wait my turn.  I must admit I do enjoy people watching and hospitals are always so busy.  I used to take a book with me but found I couldn’t concentrate on the book as I was watching everyone so don’t bother now.  Hoping to reduce my prednisolone as I am keeping so well but I feel there my be some opposition to that, but I can but ask.  Still struggling with the diabetes.  I have now cut out carbs and fruit.  Still have to take four tablets for the diabetes so hopefully if I can reduce the steroids it might improve.

The National Apergillosis Centre had a stand at the ERS Congress in Paris at the weekend and the Aspergillosis Trust had a good ‘plug’ (fellow sufferers will understand).  All the merchandise that they took was whipped up quickly so hopefully that will help with our cause.  Things seem to be moving quite quickly which is good.  Our new website is up and running and has some good articles and features – please have a look at http://www.aspergillosistrust.org

This weeks song relates to the fact I am doing what I enjoy.  I love life but having time to do my hobby whilst helping such a good cause is something else!

Take care everyone and keep well. x


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