‘Three Little Birds’

I have been hiding away recently, lots of things going on.

First off we had a trip to Norfolk again to collect another car load of personal things belonging to my father in law.  The house is empty now and is on the market so it has taken a while because it is the anniversary of his death is in November.  Loads of photos, medical stuff (he was a pathologist, Professor of Toxicology at Barts).  Hubby is slowly ploughing through it all.  Even though it is all very sad we managed to have a good time.  There is nothing better than fish and chips at the seaside!

I have loads of card orders as well (4 really).  Had a bit of a panic because one of the orders which I get every year from a fellow sufferer got lost in the post.  Post Office said not a problem they would refund the cost but the thing is they are all hand made cards and I had made quite a few special cards for this lovely lady.  I was happy to do them again but it is awful you feel you are letting people down.  Anyway they turned up.  I think they must have gone my snail mail as they took over a week.  Relief though.  She is pleased with them so I appreciated her patience.  I have nearly finished another large order hope to get that one out over the weekend which leaves me with just 75 more cards to do.

In my last blog I mentioned the good news that I can reduce my prednisolone very slowly.  I had been on 15mg for over 8 years and so chuffed I have been able to reduce it as the Fungizone is doing what it is supposed to do.  Problem is I am now full of aches and pains. Prednisolone Prednisolone is an anti inflammatory so has been masking all my muscle problems.  GP is a waste of space he looks at all my ailments and medications and says he can’t help the only thing he can suggest is increase my prednisolone again.  I am not doing that!  So I am a bit grumpy as things are good on the breathing front and the aspergillosis but it seems some other nasty thing has come to haunt me.  I was zonked a bit on painkillers the other day, resembling a blob in a chair, and I get my copy of Prof’s letter to my GP.  Not sure if all doctors do this but it starts Dear Dr Whoever then lists all my medical problems then medications before the meat of the letter starts.  Well both headers filled up one side of A4 and half the other side.  The main part of the letter consisted of a paragraph saying ‘how lovely it was seeing Jill in Clinic feeling so well and I have agreed that she can reduce her pred slowly over the next couple of months’.  So I am a bit up and down.

The Aspergillosis Trust has been busy.  As I said loads of card orders coming in which is good but we helped The Fisher Lab which their Autumn Air-Quinox and quite a few people from the support group got involved.  They were measuring the fungal spores in the air inside and out.  Autumnairequinox

This was the mouldiest sample.  Scary stuff.

On that happy note, as you are all now aware what we are breathing in everyday,  I will love you and leave you.

My song theme this time in one of my favs.

Take care and be happy. x



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