‘I want it all’

Greedy I know, but just frustrated.  My lungs and breathing are good at the moment but as mentioned in my previous blog other things seemed to have reared their ugly head.  Went for blood test last week as I have been struggling with muscle pain.  Phoned on Friday told the results weren’t in.  Well after a pretty rough weekend I thought I would phone and get another appointment to see GP, results available or not.  Well the results were in this morning and the Doctor wants to see me as there seems to be a couple of issues.  I have an appointment tomorrow at 3.30.  My surgery is opposite a school so I will be getting down there early as no parking is to be found from 3 on wards as parents turn up in the cars to collect their kids.  Now I live in a village so not sure how many of the children live out of the village as we are smack bang in the middle of Windsor and Maidenhead I would have thought they could all walk.  Anyway, needs must as I have to get this sorted as frustration is setting in.

I am trying to keep myself busy, first because of the pain and secondly it has been a somewhat sad week.  We said ‘goodbye’ to one of our group members.  He was a lovely man and fought bravely against this horrendous illness.  He lived in Holland and nothing was working for him and he was developing complications on top of the Aspergillosis he therefore made the decision that enough was enough.  He had no quality of life and was finding the pain difficult.  Very sad news but a brilliant brave man we always supported everyone in the group. It makes me think that perhaps now the UK should change its stance on euthanasia.  Not for everyone I know but I do feel that I will not want to find each day a struggle and know there is no relief to be found.

There was also a fundraiser last Friday for someone else who had died from this awful illness and his family raised over £1300.  They had a Motown evening as Roger loved Motown music.  44027549_10156664654178446_1659912127265112064_n

It is fantastic that we have such amazing people that are thinking of others when they have had to deal with such a loss.  Big thanks to you all.  They are a lovely family and they have a special place in my heart.

I have been making Christmas cards, as per the norm, and I am now down to 3 orders to do so anybody that wants some you can let me know as in this weather I don’t think I will be venturing out much so need to be busy.  I have also added 8 photos sent to me from my nephew.  He and his friends went to France on their holidays and took some great selfies holding a AT selfie cardcard 1

If you go to the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org you can download one and then add it to our gallery – please do.  Also whilst you are having a look around  why not purchase some of the items which will raise awareness for this disease and help fund research.

Keep well everyone. x

4 thoughts on “‘I want it all’

  1. I just love to read your posts Jill, makes me know I am not alone with this horriable illness. Bless you and hope you feel pain free soon. Catherine xxxcr

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