‘Down Down’

Been a while.  Another hiccup.  Life can be so unfair my lungs are better than they have been in years but now other things keep rearing their ugly head.

In my last blog I mentioned about the aches and pains and have since been told I have muscle wastage and what muscles I have got are inflamed.  Oh the joy of having a chronic illness.  On top of that 2 weeks ago I somehow did something to my eye.  About an hour before I go to bed I started getting flashing lights in my right eye.  Just thought I am tired hopefully would be alright in the morning.  Woke at 5 am to go wee and it was still there.  Lay in bed waiting for the old man to wake and when he did said I would have to go to the Eye Hospital A & E.  Apparently I have PVD (posterior vitreous detachment) luckily I didn’t detach the retina.  I think some doctors just go through a tick list, as those of you that know me know I have duff lungs, brittle bones and walk with crutches,  I got asked if I had done any extreme sports!  I didn’t reply – then asked if I had had a head trauma to which I replied I had been to the hairdresser the day before.  There was a slight smile from the doctor on that one.  Well went back this week and apparently it has got no worse but I have been told I need laser treatment on the other eye.  A small filament has formed over the artificial lens so it needs to be zapped off.  My vision is good even though I have these shadows going across my eyes.  I just couldn’t read the last 2 lines.  So a very strange experience.  The doctor wants to get it sorted for me as it will give me problems in the future which is great.eye

I have therefore been struggling with my card orders.  The doctor told me that yellow lenses might help as it cuts out the blue light and yesterday I had a pair of reading glasses delivered with yellow lenses and I must say it does make a difference I have managed to have 2 days now working on the computer and card making.  Hooray.

The card orders have been amazing, over 500 this year and they have been sent all over the world.  They all have stickers on for the Aspergillosis Trust so they are not only spreading awareness and raising funds for research into Aspergillus they are sending good cheer.  I still have 2 orders which total another 80 cards but at least now I feel on better form.

The Aspergillosis Trust has had a calendar made.  Two of the co-founding members did it between them and it has sold really well.  Fantastic photos.  A re order had to be done as they sold so well but we will be prepared next time.

There is merchandise available on the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org – keyrings, cotton shoppers, notepads etc which will make excellent stocking filler pressies whilst helping a good cause.AT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbonAT cotton shopper and post it notes

As I have been given the okay with my eyes I intend to get in the Christmas spirit in earnest – shops here I come.

Well back to the card making – onwards and upwards.

Keep well everyone and stay warm.

Jill x


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