‘Flip Flop Fly’

Yes folks strange week again.  I did manage to go out with a lovely friend at the weekend and go to see ‘The Chicago Blues Brothers’12346528_838850666229905_2396116419066733821_n

It was a great evening thoroughly enjoyed the music.

Off to see my mouldy man tomorrow in London so I hope the weather improves.  I do have a reserved parking space at the back of the hospital but it is not nice driving weather.  The old lungs are good just the rest of me.  The joints have been horrendous recently and seem to be popping painkillers at regularly intervals.  All those people who take prednisolone are probably aware that it is an anti inflammatory so now I am reducing I think my body is showing its true colours!  Not sure what the answer is but lovely though he is I am sure my doctor tomorrow won’t have much sympathy as he wants me to reduce the prednisolone.  As I have said in a previous blog ‘I want it all’!

Eyes are a little better and but every so often I get this shadow which seems to just cross over my vision.  I was told my brain would compensate and I would eventually not notice it.  Just slow I suppose.

Good news though I have completed my card orders so I am up to date but if people want any they will have to get in touch soon as I will probably not send any out after the first week of December.

The Aspergillosis Trust has done well and we have raised over £2000 on the website which dosen’t include a couple of fundraisers done separately and the funds have gone direct to the Fungal Infection Trust.  We had an email from the Trustees of FIT thanking everyone for their efforts in fundraising so that was great.  So all contributors and fundraisers pat yourself on the back.  Still time for you all to order for ChristmasAT notepad + keyring + wristband + ribbonWhite AT-T-shirtAT cotton shopper and post it notes

Go to http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/awareness-goods/

You could do your Christmas shopping with one of our lovely shoppers!

This weekend hopefully my partner in crime (the brains of the outfit) and I are meeting for a lunch with our present husbands (keep them on their toes).  Some little pub in Wiltshire roughly half way between us both.  Looking forward to it just hoping we are both well enough.  Looking good at the moment but we all know with our illness things can change.  I also have a busy diary as it is coming up to Christmas and my birthday.  Meeting my nephew and his partner for lunch, sister and hubby are visiting before my birthday and on my birthday we are going to the pantomine (Oh yes we are)!  One of the people booked to do the pantomine in Windsor is in the jungle at the moment doing I’m a Celebrity so we will be seeing the stand in.DICK WHITTINGTON

Well everyone.  Keep well and take care in this cold snap.  x



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