‘I Got Life’

Hi everyone it has been very hectic this past week or so hence no blog.

The Aspergillosis Trust has been working hard to organise a campaign for World Aspergillosis Day.   We managed it though.  There is a campaign running from 7th January for 4 weeks which will incorporate WAD on 1st February.  We have a poster which will be on the rear of buses with our Patron on Dr Emily Grossman and Alan Titchmarsh who is a supporter.  We are sending out articles to different organisations, football clubs, gardening magazines, medical journals and newspapers. We will also get a poster done which hopefully people will take to their GP surgeries and hospitals to display.  We really need to get more people to understand Aspergillosis.  Who knows how successful we will be but it won’t be from lack of trying.29355183_216710525747151_1134748800990825266_o

I have a list of things I want to do as long as my arm but I will be able to get on with it all now.

Christmas is nearly all organised just to get the feast for the actual day.  It was my birthday this week and it has been great.  Went out with hubbly in the morning, coffee and cake.  Then we bought the Christmas Tree.  He cooked me a late lunch as we were off to the panto in the eveningDICKWHITTINGTONWEBNEW (1)

It was hilarious.  Anne Hegerty wasn’t in it as I think she hadn’t got back from the jungle.  I also had a lot of friends pop round to see me so it has been a busy couple of days.

Met up with my nephew and his girlfriend the other week.  Hubby was supposed to come but he lost his voice (Yeh!) so we went down the local and had lunch.  My sister came over as well to bring my birthday pressies and the Christmas ones as well – so that was another lunch.  It has been a wonderful time and thankfully I am keeping well and enjoying it all.  Hubby is better and I didn’t catch what he had.  Not sure what I am doing right but something is working.

Take care everyone there are some nasty bugs floating around and us people with duff lungs are vulnerable to go down quite quickly.  Also it is turning very cold, I must admit I have been using my hottie at night, I hate having cold toes.

Keep well. x




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