‘Ground Control to Major Tom’

I do feel my life is very surreal, sometimes verging on the spooky!

First off though I had a great start to Christmas.  The Sunday before Christmas one of my oldest friends came over and we had a good gossip and exchanged pressies.  In our youth we used to flat share (those were the days).  We would be out every evening after working then in work the next morning and that first cup of coffee did wonders.  Then on Christmas Eve we had a steady flow of visitors.  Hubby had put the fizz in the fridge as we have a bit of an open house on the 24th.  I made a couple of batches of sausage rolls and we had nibbly bits to hand.  First off was our neighbour who just had a coffee with us (morning) did offer fizz but she was going out later.  Then one of my friend’s son with his Aunty came over.  His mum, my friend, died of cancer when he was 15 his father died when he was very young (not sure but I think he was just 1) of cancer also.  He is an incredible young man and his Aunty (friends sister) lives with him and supports him.  He is 19 now and I was so chuffed he came to visit.  They both stayed for a while and we had a drink or 3 and demolished some of the sausage rolls.  We said good bye to them and another friend turned up.  He didn’t stay long but I must say I was getting in the swing of it all by then.  To end the day 2 more visitors came and we finished off another couple of bottles of fizz.  Good laughs and drinks great start to Christmas.

The day itself was lovely as it was Martin and myself with phone calls during the day from family.  Dinner was delish and then spent the afternoon in front of the telly watching ‘The Meg’.  Quite disappointed but a bit of mindless entertainment.  Then during the night things happened.

Woke up with pinching pain in my left side.  Couldn’t believe I really thought I would make it this year without being ill.  I do think the adrenaline keeps me going and when I stop and relax the bugs have a field day!  Emergency antibiotics started and shovelling painkillers down my throat like smarties.  Put the old prednisolone up hoping that would help.  Went to the doctors on the 27th and he gave me a weeks course of Ciprofloxin which my pseudamonus is sensitive to but I do have absorption problems with it and I have to reduce my asthma medication as it interacts.  He checked my oxygen saturation and I only registered 85.  I didn’t feel that unwell just in pain.  Sat on my hands for a while and he checked it again and it was 88 so he said he wouldn’t send me to hospital.  I got home and checked it on my sats meter and got 92 so I think his machine was as duff as my lungs.

This is the surreal bit.  For Christmas I got the box set of Star Trek Discovery (I have always been a trekkie and love science fiction.  So whilst struggling with the pain and wheeze I sat and binged on the series. (Loved it).  I knew nothing about it but we had been talking about Star Trek at our weekly Zoom meeting just before Christmas so spooky bit No 1.  Then what do you know the science officer is called Paul Stamets.  He is named after an american mycologist.  In the series, the Discovery uses spore power – which is faster than warp.  Spooky/surreal No 2.  discovery

There you go those pesky spores get everywhere.  One minute I am loving them then they give me hell.

Had to return to the GP as needed another course of antibiotics as not quite right.  Put steroids back to maintence dose as made no difference.  Getting better not clock watching for the pain relief so I think I am on the mend.

The Aspergillosis Trusts’ campaign for World Aspergillosis Day starts in London on Mon 7th January.  The poster will be on the rear of buses from that date for 4 weeks.  If anyone sees them please let me know as I won’t be going up to London until after the campaign.  They will be around the Putney area and The Royal Brompton Hospital and Imperial College.  Hopefully in my next blog I can update you on the other things we are doing.aspergillosis poster + FIT logo1 JPEGputney af

Keep well everyone and Happy New Year. x


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