‘Food Glorious Food’

I lead an exciting life.  Having been duff over Christmas and the New Year I have not ventured out but yesterday I felt up to leaving these four walls.  So it was off the the supermarket to replenish my depleted cupboards.  I do get my shopping delivered online when not well but I only order the essentials as I do like to pick my own fresh stuff.  So there you have it first trip out of the New Year was to go food shopping.

I have been very busy though our bus campaign for World Aspergillosis Day is up and running.  15 buses that leave the Putney Depot will have our banner on for 4 weeks from 7th January which will incorporate WAD on 1st February.aspergiliosis trust

We will also have a poster which we will hopefully distribute to Medical Schools (watch this space).  Also we have had a rush on awareness items so with a little bit of luck we might get more people to understand this horrendous illness.

We also have a meeting with a drug company on Thursday who are interested in supporting our little group.  This would be fantastic if it happens as we have such big ideas.  My life revolves around this condition and I have met some amazing people from the different groups.  We have lost people and listened to each others problems.  We try and lift each other up when we are down and encourage when the fight is hard.  We still need to get GP’s to understand the condition and how it affects our lives.  If we manage to get help that will be our first project.  Aspergillosis covers such a wide range of conditions but it is a life changing illness and quite often the treatment can almost be as bad.

So remember us on 1st February and if you see any posts on social medic concerning Aspergillosis please share for us.  Don’t worry nearer the time I will mentioning it again (just a bit).

Keep Well xaspergillosis poster + FIT logo1 JPEG


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