‘One Week’

wad2019 at poster

What ever happened to the Barenaked Ladies?

Well it is my intention to write a blog everyday writing about the ups and downs of living with Aspergillosis. (Yes there are some ups)

Today though hasn’t started well.  Woke up at 5.30 and got up to for a wee and promptly fell against the bed.  Tried again same thing.  Hubby didn’t even stir.  In the end I had to wake him up as he had set the alarm for 6.30 so I could get all my medication done as we were going out for breakfast.


That is an old photo been a couple more since then as I now take Fungizone for my ABPA.

I have this ritual that when I wake up I take, Lansoprazole, Cetirizine, Phyllocontin, and co-amilofruse.  Then get back in bed and try and go back to sleep for an hour before having breakfast.  After breakfast things start in earnest.  I struggle with what to eat in the mornings as I am a diabetic and find carbs not good at the same time I take my prednisolone.  So sometimes it is a boiled egg or berries with plain yoghurt.  After breakfast we have my prednisolone, metformin and glicazide.  I still have to do all my nebs and inhalers yet hence the reason I get up so early.  Especially if I am being taken out somewhere!

As I said I have had a late start.  We needed a bit of shopping as well as treating ourselves to a fry up so hubby has been out on his own.  I am so fortunate.  He came home with my favourite fresh soup and sourdough bread,  I know what I will be having for lunch.  Might have been a late start but managed to get a lot done for World Aspergillosis Day.

Please support us if you can on facebook and twitter as we need to get the word out about this dreadful illness.

Take care. x



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