‘And a Bang on the Ear’

How do I get these things.  It appears the reason I was acting like I was drunk at 5 in the morning yesterday is down to a slight ear infection.  I have drops and I managed to stay up right today so far!

aspergillosis poster + FIT logo1 JPEG

Busy day ahead loads I want to do, but first I have my music on and write my little piece for World Aspergillosis Day.  Yesterday I finished on tablets that have to be taken after food so now I am on my inhalers and nebuliser.  I take Aerivio Spiromax which has been given instead of Seretide (too expensive) also Braltus instead of Spiriva (same reason) I don’t see much difference so have continued using the cheaper one.  Then I have my Flixonase nasal spray, two lots of eye drops Hypromellose and Sodium Cromoglycate.  Now we get on to the nebulised treatments.  First off I have to do my little bit of mixing.  Two my the drugs have to be mixed with liquid.  The Colomycin has to be mixed with sodium chloride and the Fungizone has to be mixed with sterile water.  I always do this first so they dissolve well.  The Fungizone seems to dissolve quite quickly but the Colomycin can be a real pain.  Then I start with Salbutamol in my neb, that dosen’t take too long 5 to 10 minutes.  Then the Nebusal 7% this sometimes takes ages not sure way but it can be 20 minutes.  After I have done these 2, I do my physio to clear my lungs as much as I can.  As well as having ABPA I have asthma, bronchiectasis and colonised Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and I always produce sputum.  Nasty green stuff (sorry).  I find though if I don’t try and clear it I can spend the day coughing a having a wheeze.  Some mornings I feel clear after 10 minutes but others it can be half and hour not sure why.  Very unpredictable my lungs.  So after doing my physio I do the Colomycin which takes about 15 minutes and then the Fungizone which is about the same.  Sometimes it is longer as it makes me cough as it irritates the back of my throat.  When I start the Fungizone hubby goes and makes me a ginger tea so it is the right temperature for me to drink after I finish as it is disgusting.  When he is not here I make a thermos cup up of the delicious brew so it stays warm.  After all that I can get washed dressed and clean my teeth to start the day!

I tend to read a lot whilst nebbing but some days when a bit rough I do either listen to music or an audible book.  Helps the time go by.


My two permanent companions.

My mouldy man at the Brompton has done wonders for me though as I feel I have had a better winter this year than I have had for ages.  I know it isn’t over yet but it is looking good.

The posters for World Aspergillosis Day are being delivered today so my afternoon will consist of stuffing envelopes and when hubby gets back from fishing he will hopefully post them for me.

Just a little add on, the song title (in case anyone was wondering) is a Waterboys song and is a term of affection, like a kiss on the cheek.

Take care everyone. x




2 thoughts on “‘And a Bang on the Ear’

  1. Hi Jill how long does your regime take you each morning
    and do you have to repeat same in the afternoon? It must take you all morning?I too have asthma ABPA bronchiectasis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonised I neb colomicine in the morning, and in the afternoon I neb 5ml 0.9% saline then I clear my lungs when finished I neb colomicine again. I can’t produce any sputum in the mornings only afternoons I have nebbed 7% and 3% to break up the sputum but both leave me breathless my lungs feel like concrete so difficult to breath. I’m nebbing at the moment. I used to be under The
    Royal Brompton Dr Andrew Mackenzie very nice man.
    I’m now under The Royal Papworth Hospital which
    also is very nice all the staff are so friendly.
    Are you always out of breath and feel fatigue
    Jill? I’ve been dealing with my lungs for 20 years now
    I also have other health issues as you to have Jill. How do
    you cope with it all? I find at time that I’ve had enough
    but there’s nothing one can do. I do realise there’s
    worse off people suffering. I joined the group 2005 Chip
    was so helpful and also Roberta. I hope Roberta is ok I
    think Chip maybe in touch with Roberta. Everyone is so new to the group.
    Well, Jill thanks for your support to the group I always
    look forward to your updates.
    Jan Gibbs


    1. Hello Jan – I remember you. We don’t hear from Roberta very much as she dosen’t like facebook but the last I heard she was not too bad. Chip has not been well though. I spoke to him on Thursday he is not good. We have a lot of new members to the group and I think the old Yahoo group dosen’t get used at all. I know Dr Menzies- Gow he now Professor Menzies Gow. I have been ill all my life Jan not really known anything else. In the morning my nebuliser takes well over an hour especially with the physio in between an I have to do it all again in the evening. The saline seems to make a lot of people wheezy but I am on steroids which I think helps. I am always breathless on exertion and get tired, in fact I have just had a snooze in front of the telly now. I must admit I have bad days but try to keep going. I get frustrated more than anything not being able to do the things I want. Stay strong and it is lovely hearing from you. Jill x


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