‘Just Breathe’

Well today is crusty roll day.  I don’t tend to eat carbs when at home as I am a diabetic but we have done our shopping to day and as a treat I always buy a crusty roll for my lunch.  Hubby has a doughnut.  My treat is a crusty roll with tuna mayo and rocket.  Mmm!

Stocks are replenished in the cupboard and a few extra items as the forecast is snow.  Freezer is full and tins of soup a plenty because I believe in central heating for my old body.

Aspergillosis Trust poster No2_JPEG_2

This poster was made from a poll we had on our facebook group asking how the illness makes us feel.  I get fatigue, frustration, insomnia and brainfog the most.  This morning I have been out around the supermarket and I know I will be catching forty winks this afternoon (probably) straight after writing this.  Sometimes the simplest of things can tire us out and that is where the frustration comes in for me.  I want to do so much but am unable to do it.  I must admit I am a lot better at dealing with it all now than I used to.  I think the problem with me is that I love life and want to do so much.  I have learnt to pace myself.  As I have been out today, even though it is not the most exciting thing to do, I will stay in tomorrow.  Weather permitting we will do something on Wednesday.  The insomnia I don’t understand as I feel so tired all day so why?  Finally brainfog.  As I have said before I love reading but sometimes I do have to read a page twice or sit for a while so my brain gets in gear.  I always blame the drugs!

This morning before we went out I rang the Brompton Hospital to reserve a parking space for my appointment.  I drive from Berkshire as there is no way with crutches I could manage underground stations and then there is the walk from the tube to the hospital.  I have a space booked which is great as my nebuliser needs a service and I will collect new mouth pieces and tubing.  All these things have to be done.  I complain about brainfog but I seem to be on the ball when it comes to my health, thank goodness.

aspergiliosis trust

Don’t forget (I am sure you won’t) about World Aspergillosis Day on Friday.  Please like and share any posts you see on social media this will help us spread the word.

My song today is by Pearl Jam.  It is a lovely song and I know it gets played at funerals but I don’t think that is what it is about.  Just a great song  https://youtu.be/XTb9GNIxpMk

Take care everyone




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