I think this is my anthem.  I also think that it applies to a lot of people that have a chronic illness.

It has been a busy morning.  Everyone is gearing up for Friday.  The amount of effort everyone has been putting into this campaign is amazing.  We have people from all over the world taking part.  This is what we want, a global fight.  Every country deal with health in different ways but the awareness about life changing diseases should be the same.  No matter where you live Aspergillosis can be devastating .

wad2019 at poster

card 1

Everyone can download a selfie card at http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/submit-your-selfie/   Take part and join the fight.

Today I will talk about my evening medication.  I usually take my early evening tablets with my evening meal.  I have to take Phyllocontin, Metformin and sometimes Glicazide depending on how my sugar is.  My sugar creeps up during the day after I have taken my Prednisolone in the morning.  I can do without the evening Glicazide if I stay off the carbs.  I always check my sugar before eating in the evening and if it is around 7 or below I don’t take it as the Metformin will be enough.  I find it hard to stay off carbs if I am going out during the day.  I can feel quite queasy with all the tablets I throw down my throat and so if I am going out I might have toast and marmite for breakfast.  Today I have had natural yoghurt and berries for brekkie and homemade chicken soup for lunch so hopefully this evening I will be okay.

After my evening meal I do my nebliser, eye drops, nose drops and inhalers again so that is another hour or so with physio.  I then sit down with hubby, drinking more ginger tea to calm the throat and watch either a film or something silly to relax before going to bed and my final lot of medication.

I have sent our more posters today and posted a few things on facebook concerning World Aspergillosis Day.  I have a couple more things I want to do, add a lovely story someone has written for us to the website and I have a special birthday card to finish.

Everyone sing along now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCkmIyC6v00

Take care. x




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