‘Holy Mountain’

I am being very self indulgent today.  The song is another one that lifts my mood.  I discovered this song last year when I was in hospital .  It is Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.  I was quite cheesed to say the least after being admitted to hospital the second time and I have to admit I was thinking is this what my life was going to be now the lungs are riddled with infection and mould.  I think I played this track everyday sometimes twice!  It hit home ‘Get out of the doldrums baby now’.  It also has a great part with a penny whistle in it.  I dare any of you to listen to this a couple of times and not have a stuck in the mind!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6VjcVoKqRg&list=RD_6VjcVoKqRg&start_radio=1

wad2019 at poster

I am asking all of you to go the website http://www.aspergillosistrust.org/submit-your-selfie/ and download a selfie card then take a photo of yourself and post it on social media on Friday.  It would be great if everyone reading this all over the world took a photo and posted it.  We need to be united in our effort to spread the word about this awful condition.  Please get involved.

This morning I managed to get out and have my breakfast.  It dosen’t take much to make me happy.  We have this farm near us that has this amazing cafe with homemade cakes and they do fantastic breakfasts.  The cafe overlooks the farm land and fields beyond.  Large windows all down one side of the building make it a lovely place to have brekkie or coffee and cake.  It was all frosty this morning.  Must admit though the cold air took my breath away.

I got as far as doing my nebuliser for the second time yesterday so I only have my last lot of tablets that I take before going to bed.  I take Ramipril and Pravastatin.  I don’t really have high blood pressure and it never worried my GP until I became a diabetic then I was put on Ramipril and Pravastatin for cholesterol.  Just seems to be the thing, but I just go with the flow.  That is it then all my prescribed medication.  I do that a broad spectrum probiotic as well to help with my tummy/digestion with all the stuff I take and I think it has helped me this year staying well.  Not sure how it works perhaps it just helps with absorption so I get more benefit from my food.  Then I take Vit D 400mg daily on instruction from Brompton and Magnesium at night, no particular reason it is just whenever I go into hospital I am told my magnesium is low.  I must admit I have missed something Normacol.  These are high fibre granules – because I am not very mobile and all the medication messes up my digestion I take this so everything runs smoothly (I hope you get my drift!)  There you have it.  I am extremely grateful we have a National Health Service and this bundle of drugs keeps me going and I appreciate that in lots of countries the costs would be horrendous so I am a lucky lady.

Take care everyone and please take a selfie and help us on Friday. x


2 thoughts on “‘Holy Mountain’

  1. Jill,I know what you mean about appreciating the NHS,because without them I do not know where I would be,the thought of how much my Meds would cost if I lived overseas fills me with dread,I know for a fact that I would not be able to afford most of mine.


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