‘Up On The Roof’

One of those weeks!

If I didn’t have metal legs and manky hips I think I would give it a go.  Love this song but it has to be to be the James Taylor version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMt2Vh7otQ0

Dealing with a chronic condition can be very hard, day in day out the problem never lets up.  We have been talking about depression on our facebook group recently and I know I am quite fortunate that most of the time I take each day as it comes but I totally understand that it is so difficult.  There are times when I want to just give up.  My dad used to say to me ‘catch yourself on’ when I was down and I try and say it to myself but doesn’t seem to hit home like it used to.


Struggling this week.  After going to Brompton and sort of getting good news (reducing my prednisolone), since then I have received 4 letters from them.  The first one was my six monthly appointment (I see my lung man every 6 months and mouldy man the same, so I am seen by someone every 3 months).  Fine happy with that.  Then the next day I get a letter saying I am booked for an echo on the same day as my appointment.  That in itself is not a problem but just a bit confusing as I thought I was having lung function before the appointment.  Then I received one which was a copy of the letter to the technicians who do the sleep test.  Asking for them to check for hypoxia.  Then finally another letter which is a copy of the letter to my GP saying my iron is low and the BNP blood test is raised (hence the echo).  She has asked the GP to investigate the iron problem but states my haemoglobin is normal.  Now, this is all gobbledygook to me so I will have to wait and see.  Nothing about Pulmonary Rehab which was mentioned at the appointment so I will have to wait and see what happens.

On top of that my legs have been playing up so went to the GP who I must admit annoyed me. Told him I had been taking ibuprofen and they have been helping but I was getting wheezy taking them.  He promptly told me that only 1 in 100 asthmatics find their symptoms worse when taking them.  Asthma all my life (over 60 now) thankfully I know my triggers.  In the end, he agreed to give me some gel which is helping.  Why is life so hard sometimes?

I apologise everyone but this is really a whingey blog!

This week as well we are organising a breakaway.  Brilliant just what is needed but I have to make sure I have all my medication for over 2 weeks because it takes 5 days for repeats to filled at the doctors.  So I have been sitting down counting everything out so I have enough for the hols and at least a week when we return.  No wonder the old brain is addled this week!  We will be messing about on the river.riversedge

Not bad eh!  Sleeps eight, doesn’t look that big but it stretches back quite a bit.  Hard to get small houses on the river

I hope to get all my orders done before we go away.  I have 2 packed up on the floor beside me that will be posted tomorrow and the large order for a fundraiser for the Aspergillosis Trust will go out at the end of the week.

Again I apologise sometimes it is good to moan so you are all my therapists!  Support groups are invaluable.

Take care x

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6 thoughts on “‘Up On The Roof’

  1. Looks a Beautiful spot,make sure you get a relaxing break in and enjoy the fish and chips,after all the work you’ve put into the AT this year you have well and truly earned it.


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