‘Everybody Hurts’

We went to Norfolk last week and stayed at this fantastic cottage on the river in Wroxham.  It takes about 3 hours for us to get there (I always need a stop and an intake of caffeine as I am the driver) and we had a good run.  We couldn’t take over the let until after 2 pm and we arrived in the village at 1.30.  Therefore we parked and did a bit of shopping, necessities for the week.  Hubby loves fishing and he went off to find the fishing tackle shop that has been in Wroxham for as long as he can remember.  He left me moseying around the supermarket Roys.  He returned to find me slowly pushing the trolley with one hand and struggling to breathe!  Don’t know what happened I was walking around chuffed that we had made good time and looking forward to the hols and kerbang I got this sharp pain in my left side.  Hubby took over pushing the trolley, thankfully we didn’t need much so it wasn’t long before we were back in the car.  Thankfully the cottage is not far away from the village centre so we were soon there.  Absolutely brilliant place.  I made myself and cuppa and took a painkiller hoping that I had perhaps twisted and pulled something whilst picking up the four pints of milk!  No such luck.  That evening started coughing up blood and still in pain.  Out comes the rescue pack of antibiotics.


This is the view I had most of the week.  Even though I was zonked on the old painkillers again I did enjoy the break looking out over the river and looking at the back of my hubby most days.  I read a book in between sleeping which was a psychological thriller.

good me

Then what can I say there was Netflix, Sky and all the channels to enjoy.  So I am now up to date with Star Trek Discovery.

Started off sleeping in one of the upstairs bedrooms that looked out over the river and had an armchair which was placed by the window so ideal for nebbing twice a day.  That was fine the first night but after struggling to get upstairs we moved down to the super king sized room at the back of the cottage which was bigger than our lounge at home.  Didn’t have the view but much better for me.  The cleaners probably though great we will only have to change one bed at the weekend so they will get a shock.

Things improved over the week and we had some visitors, family and friends on different days.  All in all, it was a good week and hubby caught some fish which was a bonus.

Been to GP this morning and got another week of antibiotics from her and took a sputum sample but I am feeling a lot better.

More letters arrived from Brompton whilst I was away.  All the tests are dribbling in just have to remember where I am supposed to be and at what time.  Plenty of time to get my head in gear though.

Getting back into the Aspergillosis Trust work now after a break.  Loads of things we want to do.  Cards have been made and posted for a fundraiser.  I have another order to do.  Onwards and upwards they say.

Take care. x


Song this week is by R.E.M. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rOiW_xY-kc




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