‘The Only Way is Up’

What a week!

I decided I would be a good girl last week and stay in whilst on my second week of antibiotics for my pleurisy and infection and I really thought I had it beat.  Hell’s bells it has come back with a vengeance after finishing the antibiotic.  I phoned my GP to get my sputum results and kept being told they weren’t in.  I had an appointment with the nurse yesterday for bloods are they are investigating my iron deficiency to be told they were back but a doctor hadn’t seen them.  My GP works at our surgery only 2 days a week and then the main one in Maidenhead 1 day hence the delay.  Not sure if the nurse had a word but 30 minutes after my appointment I got a phone call from my GP.  Well, it is my old friend pseudomonas aeruginosa and now I only have 2 antibiotics that will calm it down, both intravenous.  My pseudomonas is colonised so I will never get rid of it but for some reason, it can flare up and make my life hell from time to time.  The bit that shocked me was that my GP said ‘I don’t know what to do now.  Is there someone you can contact at the Brompton’.  I had another appointment yesterday at the eye hospital so didn’t do anything.  Eye appointment was like everything else yesterday.  The drops to dilate my pupils didn’t work so had to have more.  Anyway, everything was okay so that is one good thing.IMG_20170718_100636_hdr

The doctor who has been organising all my tests is a Registrar so I don’t really want to phone and bleep her as she could be with a patient whose need is greater than mine so I have sent a letter.  If I don’t hear from her by Thursday I will phone.

At the moment there are quite a few of my mouldy friends suffering from one thing and another so that is the reason for this weeks song.  Just want them all to know I am thinking of them.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjD3EVC1-zU


The daffies are out in force now so hopefully, we will all start to feel better soon.  All my small daffs survived those horrendous winds last week, the taller ones got flattened.

I have a list as long as my arm of things I have to do but my get up and go has got up and gone so I am going to write myself a little list and slowly cross off things as I do them.  Probably won’t get half of them done this week but it feels good even just crossing off one!

A couple of good things though.  My hubby had a moment of madness last week.  We loved the place we stayed at in Norfolk by the river the other week and he has booked it again for next year, this time for 2 weeks!  Sometimes it can be hard work getting him to part with his money as his usual answer is save for our retirement (we are retired)!  The other thing we have also booked the pantomime (Oh yes we have).  So that is two things to look forward to.  I paid for the pantomime so you can tell who isthe reckless one.

I have also received a Christmas card order (never too early) at least I have plenty of time.

Take care everyone. x

3 thoughts on “‘The Only Way is Up’

  1. Horrible that some get relapses big time. Takes it out of you. Take care and hope you are feeling bitter very soon.


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